Justice League Image Reveals New Look at Henry Cavill's Mustache

The production, release and subsequent reception of Warner Bros. 2017 Justice League film has proven interesting, to say the very least. From the various character and plot elements apparently left on the cutting room floor, the change in directors and the implications regarding the wider DC Extended Universe, fans and commentators alike have certainly had a lot to talk about. However, one controversy arguably stands above them all: Henry Cavill's mustache.

While Justice League was filming, Cavill -- who reprised his role as Superman -- was sporting a mustache, which he had grown out for his role in Paramount's Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Cavill's contract reportedly prevented him from shaving the facial hair. And while Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie tried to cut a deal that would allow Cavill to shave, Paramount ultimately nixed the idea. As such, the Justice League team was forced to use CGI to cover up Superman's mustache.

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At least one behind-the-scenes image of Superman with his mustache has previously surfaced online. And now, another one has been posted to the r/DC_Cinematic subreddit. The image sees an airborne, unshaven Supes looking towards the ground.

Upon Justice League's initial release, the effects used to cover Cavill's mustache were met with criticism, with the actor's CGI makeover becoming the subject of various online jokes and memes. In the comments of the Reddit post, some DC fans have pondered whether or not the mustache even needed to remove, with some even suggesting they should have just given him a beard to complete the look. At this time, however, it seems these suggestions can only be added to the list of DCEU "what ifs."

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