Justice League Debuts New Logo for 60th Anniversary

In celebration of the team's 60th anniversary, Justice League will feature a brand new logo starting with issue #25.

According to DC's website, the new logo is inspired by past iterations, featuring "clean lines and a signature star that has appeared on many of the Justice League logos through the ages." The logo, sporting the League's iconic red and blue colors, appears below.

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On December 29, 1959, DC's The Brave and The Bold #28 debuted the team as we know it today. The cover by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson boasted the Justice League's first logo, placing the team name in red, white and blue against a black field with red stars. This inaugural logo was used on the Justice League title from 1960 to 1987.

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In addition to continuing the team's adventures, Justice League #25 also launches DC's summer event: The Year of the Villain. The issue will find Lex Luthor offering the world a choice: "Reject the Justice League, make this the Year of the Villain and follow Luthor’s evil plans to save humanity" -- or suffer.

Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez and Javier Fernandez's Justice League #25 goes on sale June 5.

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