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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a GIANT DC blockbuster film featuring most of its big superheroes. Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg team up to fight the biggest threat Earth has ever faced (since the last biggest threat, anyway). These heroes will have to come together on Nov. 17 to fight back an evil Apokoliptian invasion force that has turned the skies red (you know what that means, DC fans!). But can the team do it without its most important member? We all already know Superman's going to be in this movie, but for drama's sake, we'll hold off on commenting for now.

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Ever since WB launched its DC Extended Universe of movies (retroactively with 2013's Man of Steel, in fact), hardcore fans have obsessed over every single detail leading up to the Justice League movie, from the infamous Knightmare sequences in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to the whereabouts of the rest of the DC heroes. A few of these fans have even taken to poking fun at the admittedly flawed DCEU through some really funny memes. From jokes about Batfleck to how often heroes crash through windows, the internet has pretty much gutted this cinematic universe. CBR presents the best memes ahead of Justice League.

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Justice League Meme 1
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Justice League Meme 1

All of DC's biggest heroes are finally uniting for a Justice League movie. That's a big deal! Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons are too big a threat for any one hero, so Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash team up to fight the Apokoliptian threat that could destroy the planet. Fans have been waiting for this scenario for a very long time and the actors involved are taking the movie very seriously.

Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher have all been getting in shape for the movie, as they want to look the best they can in their respective superhero suits. The meme above seems to say that Ben Affleck, who reprises his role as Batman in Justice League, isn't trying nearly as hard.


Justice League Meme 2

It's difficult to make the unbearably grim Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice seem funny, but the internet meme machine has certainly tried since the film was released in 2016. Of course, for this meme, in which Bruce Wayne has a big crush on World War I spy Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine), Batman v Superman gets a little help from 2017's Wonder Woman, which added some much needed levity to the DC Extended Universe.

In fact, it's the movie that might have saved this struggling cinematic universe. Trevor was a big presence in Wonder Woman. He both introduced Diana to a much larger world and also became her first true love. It's really not hard to see why. As Bruce would say, Trevor is absolutely beautiful.


Justice League Meme 3

Cyborg isn't kidding here. For some reason, WB hasn't been able to get the Bat-voice down in the past decade and change. Whatever happened to the days when actors like Michael Keaton could pull off both a Bruce Wayne and Batman voice without becoming a parody of themselves? The last two versions of the character have been played by Christian Bale in Nolan's Dark Knight movies and Ben Affleck in the DCEU.

Batman's voice has been compared to either a rabid wolverine or a psychopathic robot, and it now seems like Justice League is going to tone down Batman's voice a bit. Affleck actually sounds more like himself in the trailers. Here's hoping we don't have to withstand another awful Bat-voice this time around. For everybody's sake.


Justice League Meme 4

DC vs. Marvel: Dawn of Cinematic Universes is nothing new. The rivalry between these two publishers and film studios has continued over the years, as they push multi-million dollar comic book relaunches and Hollywood blockbusters out into the world. Indeed, 2016 was a special year for superhero movies. It was the year that superheroes decided to fight among themselves for one reason or another.

Batman and Superman duked it out over the destruction of Metropolis while the Avengers fought a civil war over clashing ideals. In the end, though, which was the better movie? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Captain America: Civil War? The meme above makes a pretty good case for why the former wins over the latter. Critics wouldn't agree, though.


Justice League Meme 5

When Superman isn't out fighting bad guys all over the multiverse, he's the friendly, clumsy and kind of pathetic Clark Kent -- what Kal-El thinks is a perfect imitation of a human being. (Goes to show how weak we humans look to Superman.) While Henry Cavill's Clark isn't quite as dimwitted as Christopher Reeve's version from the 1970s and '80s, he still gets yelled at by Laurence Fishburne's Perry White, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet, a fair amount.

But just imagine if Clark worked for J. Jonah Jameson, the man in charge of New York City's Daily Bugle, the newspaper obsessed with publishing pictures of Spider-Man. The meme above imagines what this journalistic crossover might be like. Clearly, Jameson seems unfazed by the presence of the Man of Steel in his office.


Justice League Meme 6

One of the most lambasted parts of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has to be the anti-climactic end to the fight between the two heroes, who discover that their mothers share the same name. The "Martha" resolution of the conflict is about the most cringe-worthy developments in this movie, and that's saying something considering it also featured Lex Luthor peeing in a jar and sending it to a Senator. The moment Superman and Batman realize they have to be friends because of the Marthas has become one of the most meme-able aspects of the movie.

This meme imagines what would happen if Darkseid was on his last breath and was lamenting failing Martha, his own mother. The DCEU versions of Superman and Batman would probably run to the rescue. This undoubtedly will be a plot development in Justice League 2.


Justice League Meme 7

What's better than a good pun? Basically nothing. While all superhero movies aren't the same (some of them kind of are, if it's the Marvel Cinematic Universe), they sometimes do tend to share some of the same arc or gimmicks. For some reason, the DCEU loves scenes of superheroes crashing through windows to fight the bad guys. Batman did it towards the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Diana did it in Wonder Woman during the battle scene midway through the movie.

While both heroes kicked butt in their respective scenes, taking down thugs and enemy soldiers in the process, you have to wonder why the DCEU re-used the same shot of the characters crashing through windows. The pun above seems to settle the matter.


Justice League Meme 8

Aquaman has come a long way since he was first introduced in 1941. Let's face it, this DC hero has always been the butt of a joke. Even Robot Chicken took a crack at the weenie version of the character in its DC specials in which no one takes the hero seriously. When he turns to the Legion of Doom, it doesn't even matter.

Sure, there have been some darker takes on the character, including in runs by Geoff Johns and when he had a hook for a hand. But for the most part, he's always been kind of lame. Enter Jason Momoa, the heartthrob from Game of Thrones, who brings a real edge to the character. In fact, the DCEU version of Aquaman is the hero most likely to steal your girl.


Justice League Meme 9

Especially with the early DCEU films, there was a big difference in tone between the DC and Marvel films. It still exists, in fact. Wonder Woman, the most lighthearted of the DC films, still isn't quite as silly as some of the Marvel instalments, which often go for humor. Just look at Thor: Ragnarok, a sequel that's basically a comedy.

Justice League looks like it has some levity though, a welcome respite from the darkness of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But the endings of both BvS and The Avengers truly say it all. In the former, Bruce realizes that there is still good in Mankind and that he should stop being such a fascist. In the latter, the superhero team eats shawarma after a big battle.


Justice League Meme 10

This meme just goes to show how much things have changed in the world of superhero movies. There was once a time when most of DC's superheroes could only be found on television, while Batman and Superman enjoyed big blockbuster movies. Even Wonder Woman was nowhere to be found in theaters until 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So if you wanted to see The Flash, Cyborg, or Aquaman on screen, you'd have to turn to Smallville, the first live-action TV series to bring a version of the Justice League together. DC has clearly put a lot more time and effort into developing these characters for the big screen than they did for Smallville, which featured the heroes in jumpsuits for the most part. Cyborg has received the biggest update of all.


Justice League Meme 11

It was the moment that broke the internet, the sigh you could hear around the world. When Ben Affleck, the dude who had previously played Daredevil in a terrible Marvel movie, was cast as the Batman, DC fans lost their minds. There was so much hate for Batfleck that petitions were written up and a Twitter storm threatened to shatter the multiverse. People did not want this Oscar-winning A-lister to roll up as the Dark Knight in their precious DCEU.

A little over a year after his debut, fans aren't so mad about Batfleck anymore. In fact, his portrayal of the Dark Knight was one of the better things about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, according to critics and fans. Hopefully, Batfleck will make DC fans proud in Justice League.


Justice League Meme 12

Say what you will about the enthusiastic (and sometimes raging) DC fans, they have been patiently waiting for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg to team up on the big screen for a VERY long time. When it seemed like it was finally going to happen in 2009 in the form of Justice League: Mortal, which was to be directed by Mad Max creator George Miller, fans rejoiced.

Unfortunately, that was not to be, as the project was canceled before it went into production. However, 2017 will finally be the year that DC fans get their Justice League movie. To those who have been waiting their entire lives for this, the wait must've felt like an eternity. Perhaps they would've been better off waiting for the film on a planet where time moves much faster.


Justice League Meme 13

While Batman and Superman have been running around on the big screen for a long time, Green Arrow and The Flash have not enjoyed the same luxury. In fact, they've not been in any movies, instead showing up on the small screen. When it came time to cast the rest of the Justice League for the DC Extended Universe, some fans hoped that Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash on The CW show, would be cast in the role for the movies. Of course, the movie role went to Ezra Miller.

Although Green Arrow isn't part of the core team in the DCEU, many fans wanted Stephen Amell to show up as the character in one of the movies. This probably won't happen either. WB seems to have every intention of keeping the movie and TV universes separate from each other.


Justice League Meme 14

The fact that Marvel pulled off Guardians of the Galaxy before DC made a Justice League movie is sort of amazing. Sure, The Avengers makes total sense. All of those heroes are popular in their own right, and Joss Whedon is also a well-known entity in pop culture. But the Guardians of the Galaxy weren't household names until James Gunn made them so with the movie. So why did it take DC so long to make a movie featuring the most popular characters in the comic book world?

Bringing together an ensemble cast is a lot of money, not to mention that WB had to make a movie worthy of the team up, with top notch effects, CGI and lots of explosions. So making a Justice League movie ain't cheap. Hopefully, Justice League will prove to have been a worthy investment in a few weeks.


Justice League Meme 15

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was mostly about two really angsty dudes measuring... capes... the epic face off got much better once Wonder Woman entered the fight against Doomsday. Her entrance is iconic, as she saves Batman from certain death. The Wonder Woman of the DCEU is a hardened veteran who has been operating for a lot longer than the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, and it's clear that they could learn a thing or two from the Amazonian.

It'll be interesting to see what role Wonder Woman takes within the Justice League. From the trailers, it looks like she shares leadership of the team with Batman, who's also been operating for a few years by the time of the movie. Still, we all know she's the real boss no matter what.

What are your favorite Justice League memes? Let us know in the comments!

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