Gods Among Us: 15 Justice League Members Who Are Scarier Than Their Villains

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Justice League will mark the first time that the team will assemble on the silver screen. Since the supergroup’s debut in The Brave & The Bold, vol. 1 #28, “Justice League of America,” this team’s line-up has included DC Comics’ greatest superheroes. While DC’s Trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) are normally front and center in almost every JLA adventure, several heroes such as Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Zatanna are never far behind. The Justice League’s adventures have taken our favorite heroes around the world and even traveled across galaxies where they faced off against gods, psychopaths, and tyrants who wanted to rule the universe.

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While the likes of the Anti-Monitor, the Crime Syndicate, Darkseid, and the Queen of Fables may terrify pop culture aficionados, some members of the general public might be nervous around individual members of the Justice League. Throughout the team’s 57 years of history, several of our favorite heroes have either gone rogue, lost control of their powers, plotted against their teammates by coming up with plans that would possibly neutralize them, or were corrupted by power. CBR has found the 15 Justice League members who are even scarier than both Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor combined!

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The Main Man is one of the newest member of the Justice League. Lobo joined the latest incarnation of the team following the events of “Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.” He joined the team to repay Batman for freeing him from Maxwell Lord’s control. Since then, Lobo became the JLA’s resident wild card member. At times, he has problems getting along with individual team members especially the Atom (Ryan Choi).

Plus, Lobo’s hot temper and selfishness could put the team in a precarious place if he decides to go rogue. Also, if Lobo could be controlled by both Maxwell Lord and Amanda Waller, then chances are other foes such as Doctor Destiny and Starro might make Lobo their first target. Hopefully, his fellow Justice League of America teammates can calm him down.


Martian Manhunter Justice League

The Manhunter from Mars is a founding member of the Justice League of America. J’onn J’ozz is also considered by many fans to be one of the team’s hearts and moral compasses, never straying from doing what's right. However, over the past few years, Martian Manhunter has been tested, and at times, everyone’s favorite Oreo-eating martian has failed some trials.

The Black Lantern Ring resurrected him in "Blackest Night", where he haunted his former teammates and caused chaos before being revived. Meanwhile, in The New 52, Martian Manhunter was a former member of the Justice League who turned on the team. Eventually, he worked with the Stormwatch organization and eventually mind-wiped his new teammates to forget that he was ever on their team before he exited the title.


green lantern hal jordan

Hal Jordan is probably the bravest Green Lantern of all-time. He has lead the Green Lantern Corps through some of its greatest challenges. However, despite his place as the League’s go-to Green Lantern, Hal Jordan has had a checkered past. During the '90s, Mongul and Cyborg Superman brutally murdered all 7,000,000 inhabitants of Hal Jordan’s hometown, Coast City, while the emerald hero was off-planet.

Sadly, this act caused Hal Jordan to go insane as he murdered his fellow Green Lanterns and used their powers to become the tyrant Parallax. The former hero also played a big role in "Zero Hour", where he teamed up with Extant to rewrite history. In addition, Hal’s life as the Green Lantern has made Earth a target for his many adversaries such as the Sinestro Corps and the Black Lantern Corps, who threatened to rule over or extinguish life on Earth.


Orion is one of the most dangerous New Gods that heroes and villains do not want to encounter in the DC Universe. Darkseid’s second son and fellow New God, Big Barda, were recruited by Highfather to be New Genesis’ representatives to the supergroup starting in JLA #17, “Prometheus Unbound.” The only thing that kept Orion’s emotions in check was his Mother Box.

Unfortunately, when an insane Adam Strange kidnapped the JLA in JLA #20-21, his forces took Orion’s Mother Box away from the New God. Without his Mother Box, Orion lost all control of his emotions and almost endangered the team, Adam Strange, and Rann. While Orion was reunited with the box, the JLA did not ask Orion back for Monitor Duty after “World War III.”


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Over the years, Arthur Curry has been an active member of the Justice League. But before Geoff Johns and Dan Abnett took over writing the adventures of the King of the Seven Seas, the public did not see Aquaman in a positive light and considered the character a joke. However, both fans and the public learned never to underestimate Aquaman.

In Superman, vol. 2 #162-163, the King of the Seven Seas threatened to drown Metropolis, which he did. Meanwhile, in “Flashpoint,” Emperor Aquaman threw Europe into chaos as he pursued his vendetta against Princess Diana and the Amazons for killing Mera. When Aquaman made his New 52 debut in the pages of Justice League, vol. 2, #4: “Justice League: Part Four,” he telepathically summoned a giant sea monstrosity to devour Parademons. Thank goodness, he is on our side.


Huntress Injustice 2 DLC

Way before “Flashpoint” and DC Rebirth changed her destiny, Helena Bertinelli was Gotham’s lone vigilante who did not have Batman’s blessing to operate in Gotham City. The Dark Knight found Huntress’ violent tactics appalling and condoned her at every turn. However, in JLA, Batman directly sponsored the Huntress’ league membership in hopes that the superhero organization could grow her confidence.

Huntress helped the JLA deal with powerful alien foes such as Solaris in “DC One Million,” Lkz and Qwsp in “Crisis Times Five,” and Queen Bee in “World War III.” But her vigilante past came back to bite her as Batman kicked her off the team for trying to murder Prometheus. While it took until the end of “No Man’s Land” to redeem herself, Huntress’ tales of League successes and failures should be a lesson for all new team members to learn.


Almost every hero in the DC Universe considers the Amazon Princess as a role model. She has championed peace, justice, and compassion for over 76 years. However, just like every Justice League founder Diana of Themyscira does have a dark side that should not be overlooked. Her darkness was brought to light during the events of both “The OMAC Project” and “Superman: Sacrifice” when Maxwell Lord brainwashed Superman into doing his bidding.

The Man of Steel nearly murdered Batman and almost brutally injured Wonder Woman, until the Amazon Warrior twisted Lord’s neck without any remorse. Wonder Woman also killed once again during The New 52 as she killed both her legendary adversary, Ares, the God of War, and Zeus’ first child, First Born, in her conflict with her father.


Zatanna Justice League

Zatanna Zatara is one of the DC Universe’s most powerful mages. As a member of numerous incarnations of the Justice League, Zatanna has dedicated her life to keep the supernatural forces from invading the DCU. But despite possessing great powers, at times Zatanna failed to accept her great responsibilities.

In “Identity Crisis,” it was revealed that Zatanna played a huge role in using her powers to wipe the minds of the Justice League’s greatest enemies. They learned of the heroes’ true identities and threatened to cause havoc in their personal lives, Zatanna forced not only them to forget, but also Batman who strongly opposed the decision. Zatanna’s decision not only strained her longtime friendship with Batman, but many heroes were hesitant to get close to her.


Maxima Justice League

Before “Flashpoint,” Maxima was one of the most self-centered women in the DC Universe. Her obsession with powerful men to sire an heir to her throne lead Maxima to Earth, where she became a nuisance to the Man of Steel. While Superman spurned her advances, a furious Maxima decided to spend her energies paying the Justice League of America back for saving her planet from Starbreaker.

After that version of the JLA disbanded, Maxima joined Extreme Justice to flirt with both Captain Atom and Amazing Man. Like Superman, both men spurned her advances. In addition to failing in her quest to fulfill her taste in alpha men, Maxima was also one of the team’s questionable team members who let her emotions get the better of her.


Killer Frost Justice League of America

Dr. Caitlin Snow has had a rough life. H.I.V.E. Agents invaded her workspace and almost killed her in her prized possession: a thermodynamic engine. However, this incident transformed Dr. Snow into a heat vampire, Killer Frost, who killed all of the H.I.V.E. Agents and several innocent lives by absorbing their heat. Despite a short stint on the Suicide Squad, Batman was able to force Amanda Waller to release her into his custody in the finale of "Justice League vs. Suicide Squad".

With the help of her new JLA teammates, Killer Frost was slowly able to turn over a new leaf and helped the team against the Extremists and the Whisper Gang. She even started a romance with Atom (Ryan Choi). However, time will tell if Killer Frost can stay on the straight and narrow path or if she becomes the heat vampire once again.



On DC’s Earth Zero, the Man of Steel is a pillar of strength and stature that every DC hero looks at for inspiration. Metropolis’ favorite adopted son has saved the Earth multiple times from the forces of evil, but even DC’s golden boy has done some questionable things over the years. First of all, Superman can easily be manipulated by outside forces.

In “The OMAC Project,” former Justice League staff member Maxwell Lord brainwashed him into thinking Batman was Brainiac, Darkseid, and Ruin, who killed Lois Lane. A few years later in the pages of Superman: Doomed, a virus that Doomsday carried transformed The New 52’s Superman into a monstrous beast that would have destroyed the world. In addition, Superman is also very set in his ways which will challenge him to the core in the upcoming “Doomsday Clock.”


Vera Black Sister Superior-JLA

Vera Black began her Justice League career when she vowed revenge on Superman for destroying her brother, Manchester Black, during Action Comics, vol.1 #796’s “The Ending Battle, Pt. Eight: The Last Supervillain.” Now known as Sister Superior, Ms. Black took control of her brother’s anti-hero group, The Elite, and publically challenged the Justice League during JLA #100 “Elitism.” However, the ruse was used to test Sister Superior and her new team, and they passed it with flying colors.

While Superman dismissed the idea of the Elite as the JLA’s secret squad, that did not stop JLA veterans such as Flash (Wally West), Green Arrow, Major Disaster, and Manitou Dawn from joining the strike force. Sadly, due to her brother’s interference, Sister Superior was driven insane and jeopardized both her teammates and her hometown of London at risk. Because of this, the JLA never asked Sister Superior back!


Barry Allen as Flash

Barry Allen is the second hero to adopt the Flash persona. However, he became the greatest Flash of all-time when he sacrificed his life to save the universe from the Anti-Monitor in the classic: “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline. While he was resurrected in the pages of Final Crisis, Barry Allen has made some questionable decisions that have haunted the DC Universe.

In “Flashpoint,” Barry went back in time to prevent his arch-rival, The Reverse-Flash, from murdering his mother. The action caused a chain reaction of events that created a reality where both Aquaman and Wonder Woman were fanatical dictators, and Thomas Wayne was Batman. While Barry did his best to rectify his actions, he unwillingly gave Doctor Manhattan access to the DC Universe, which he took away ten years of continuity from the DC Universe and lead into the creation of The New 52 world.


Etrigan the Demon Justice League

Jason Blood is one of DC Comics’ prominent magic users. If there is a case involving black magic, many heroes including the JLA turn to him to solve their crisis. However, like all magic, Jason Blood’s comes with a price. Jason Blood is bonded to one of the DCU’s most feared demons: Etrigan. While Blood has a strong moral compass, Etrigan could do dastardly deeds. This would be put to the test when Batman recruited to be a part of the replacement JLA in “The Obsidian Age.”

Blood started off aloof and made decisions without consulting the team’s leader, Nightwing, such as performing a shielding spell nude. He also avoided bringing Etrigan to the surface despite Nightwing’s many pleas and only transformed into the Demon when Martian Manhunter told him. Between Blood’s defiance and Etrigan’s rebelliousness, they are a dangerous pair.



Batman is five steps ahead of his fellow heroes and plans for everything. Over the course of his career with the Justice League, that strategy has come back and haunted both him and the team numerous times. In JLA, #43-46, “Tower of Babel,” Batman’s contingency plans fell into Ra’s al Ghul’s possession and the crime lord used them to take down the team.

Five years later in The OMAC Project, a paranoid Dark Knight’s greatest weapon, Brother Eye, fell into Maxwell Lord’s hands. The former Checkmate director used the satellite and its unwilling cybernetic warriors to attack the superheroes and villains. Recently, Brother Eye made its return to Detective Comics, where it has regained its sentience and now has plans for the DCU. Thanks a lot, Batman!

Which of these League members would you be most scared of? Let us know in the comments!

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