Justice League: Lois Lane Weaponizes A Classic Superman Artifact

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League #24 by Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

As their Sixth Dimension mission continues, all bets are off as the Justice League forms an unlikely alliance with a new Legion of Doom in order to stop the World Forger from rewriting their reality. However, it's no easy feat; the League and Legion are dealing with a lethal army led by General Lois Lane as they seek to avoid the disaster that will unfold if Perpetua and Lex Luthor reshape the multiverse.

This Lois is way more dangerous than any we've seen before, due in large part to her capacity for evil. Initially, we saw her imprison several villains from this dimension on a version of Apokolips she turned into a prison. This issue, we learn that the cells are powered by technology reverse-engineered from the rocket Superman was sent to Earth in.

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Kal-El's rocket is a staple in every Superman medium, from the comics to the movies to the cartoons. Jor-El shot him off to Earth in it when Krypton was about to implode, and while the baby endured intergalactic travel across the depths of the cosmos, he wasn't just kept safe, he was also educated in a very high-technology and progressive incubation process. And it's this spaceship that Lois has retrofitted and weaponized to give her the edge so she could become this military strategist and warlord.

As her forces chase the Legion and League, the older, battle-hardened Lois reveals she used the hyper-sleep technology to capture villains in some form of heavy sedation. It wasn't guns or blasters or even darts used to knock folks out, Lois was able to use it to emit energy to render them unconscious from a distance. This hyper-sleep tech was further modified to hold the prisoners in their cells, which included big baddies such as Despero, Mongul and Parasite among the many, in what she deemed the "Krypton Cradles."

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Last but not least, Lois was also able to use Clark's rocket to create her Superman Arks: high-speed ships modeled after what Jor-El designed, which also travel just as fast, acting as her fleet when she goes hunting. As we see in this issue, the Legion -- Darkseid, Cheetah, Grood and Sinestro -- can barely outrun them, and end up resorting to a kamikaze mission in a sacrificial move to allow the League to face off against the Forger, and shockingly enough, their own corrupted Batman.

It's super-interesting and, frankly, heartbreaking to see the vessel stripped down, mined and used for such nefarious purposes. We usually consider the craft a beacon of hope and overall light in the galaxy, but clearly Lois has no respect for what it stood for. Losing Jon really broke her, and these tactics show how angry, desperate and bitter she got, so much so she killed her own Superman.

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Ultimately, with Lois tearing the rocket to shreds like this and using it for evil, it truly stains the legacy of the House of El. Sadly, it seems like the notion of crossing the line didn't even occur to her as she went about turning the ship into a destroyer of lives and liberty, reaffirming her as a galactic tyrant.

Justice League #25 goes on sale June 5.

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