Justice League Legends Revealed

in honor of their brand-new film, we’ve decided to feature a collection of our past comic book legends revealed installments that involve the justice league!


* how close did we come to a justice league/transformers crossover?

* did a fan give dc comics the idea for the justice league of america?

* what was the original lineup of the justice league in the justice league cartoon?

* did aquaman not appear on a comic book cover for over a decade until the debut of the justice league?

* was cheetah accidentally brought back to life in the justice league cartoon?

* was justice league member manitou raven supposed to be apache chief?

* was the giffen/dematteis justice league originally supposed to be a "big seven" league like grant morrison's jla?

* was batman almost written out of justice league unlimited?

* how did an error in a justice league issue lead to an award-winning adam strange story?

* did the aborted jla/avengers crossover inadvertently lead to crisis on infinite earths?

* did dc re-draw mike sekowksy's superman faces on his justice league covers after he had been drawing superman on the covers for years?

* did dc edit out a reference to the n-word in an issue of justice league of america?

* did the squadron supreme debut as part of a "crossover" between the avengers and justice league?

* was grant morrison's seven soldiers crossover event originally supposed to be a justice league series?

* what justice league issue had to be re-written and re-drawn because one of the dead characters in the issue was no longer dead?

* did george perez refuse to draw the justice league detroit member, vibe?

* was fred hembeck destroys the marvel universe delayed for five years because of the aborted justice league vs. avengers crossover?

* did the jlu almost feature the birds of prey?

* did j.m. dematteis have to finish a justice league of america storyline without knowing how it was supposed to end?

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