Justice League: Different Iterations of Starman Might Join the Team

James Tynion IV -- the current writer of DC Comics' main Justice League title -- is interested in introducing more incarnations of Starman to the book's roster. Tynion teased the idea of other Starmen joining the Justice League during DC's Year of the Villain panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Justice League's previous writer, Scott Snyder -- who was also in attendance at the panel -- reintroduced the Will Payton version of Starman in last year's issue #7. With Tynion's current story arc now concluded, Snyder is poised to retake control of the book with next month's Justice League #29. Even so, Tynion seems to like the idea of other characters who have used the Starman name being brought into the fold as things progress.

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Of course, in addition to Will Payton, several other DC characters have carried the mantle of Starman over the years, most famously Ted Knight, as well as his sons, David and Jack Knight. Other Starmen include the Starman of 1951 (who was actually a pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Bruce Wayne), Mikaal Tomas, Prince Gavyn, Thom Kallor/Danny Blaine, Farris Knight and Victor Sono.

Tynion did not reveal which version of Starman he'd like to see join the current Justice League roster, nor did he reveal if/when such introductions would actually take place. However, he did offer other details regarding the book's future, including what's next for a certain bald businessman with a god complex and particular disdain for Superman.

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"We see Lex Luthor reemerge into the story in a terrifying way," Tynion said. "The move he makes will be devastating to the Justice League. Essentially, he rips the heart of the Justice League out. He has become 'Apex Lex.' He is this soldier in this never-ending battle to reshape the Multiverse.

"It's a horrifying story built lovingly from the biggest pieces in all of DC lore," he continued. "The toybox of the DCU has been dumped out on the table and we're playing with all of them."

The next release in the Justice League series is issue #29, which kicks off the "Year of the Villain - Dark Gifts" storyline. Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Bruno Redondo, the comic arrives Aug. 7.

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