Justice League Production Designer Shares Horrifying Cyborg Concept Art

Cyborg in Justice League

Despite his jovial personality, Cyborg is undoubtedly one of the most tragic heroes in the DC Universe, with his origin story involving him losing a good portion of his human body. Concept art from Justice League Production Designer Patrick Tatopoulos puts a darker spin on the beloved hero, in a scene right out of a horror movie.

Posted on Tatopoulos' Instagram, the art features a scarred Victor Stone on an operating table in a Christ-like pose, with one of his arms already replaced by a robotic substitute. The other appears to be missing its flesh. Surrounding Victor are strange blurs, possibly the rest of his new body merging with him as he becomes Cyborg.

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"A CYBORG MOMENT, Just for fun," Tatpoulos wrote in the description.

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In the DC Extended Universe, Victor (Ray Fisher) was turned into Cyborg after his body was damaged in an accident, with a Mother Box ultimately saving him by making him half-machine. Similar to his New 52 backstory, this tied him into the origin of the Justice League and connected him to the New Gods. Victor replaced Martian Manhunter as the seventh founding member of the team in both versions.

A Cyborg solo film with Fisher reprising the role is planned for release sometime in the DC Extended Universe's future. To date, no information regarding the project has been revealed.

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