Justice League, Hancock, Iron Man, Stardust: August 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


According to both Latino Review and Collider, "Happy Feet" director George Miller is interested in helming Warner Bros. Pictures' team up movie. Note that says "interested," which still classifies it as wholly rumor. More interesting is Collider's concept of the team to be seen on screen. "Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern ... the biggest rumor is that one of the superheroes in 'Justice League' wouldn't see a sequel. Yup, WB is planning a death." No J'onn J'onnz?


Will Smith has been eating his veggies, or so one might think based on this photo from his still-lensing super hero project.


Tony Stark may love the ladies, but the spice he always has is Pepper, according to quotes from actress Gwyneth Paltrow at Sci Fi Wire. "She's really the closest person to him," Paltrow said. "Because he's a womanizer and kind of a loose cannon, and she's sort of his center, in a way. Our relationship, for me, is at the heart of the film, and it was a very layered, real, complicated relationship."


How hard was it for creator Neil Gaiman to get his Charles Vess collaboration to the silver screen? "The toughest nut to crack for something like 'Stardust,' for example, in changing it into a film ... there are a few things," Gaiman said in quotes at Sci Fi Wire. "There were the problems that we knew we had going in, because they were the problems that I had in 1998, 1999, when Miramax had the option on it briefly, and I got to do a treatment, and suddenly I came face to face with these things for the first time. The biggest one was if you are completely faithful to the pacing of the book, the hero won't be born for the first 15 or 20 minutes, and he's not going to meet the heroine until almost three-quarters of the way through the movie. That's a problem ... The biggest challenge in the whole thing [was] trying to figure out ways to make something work as a film. Sometimes it's doable, and sometimes I have no idea how you do it."


Kryptonsite has a big rumor about who actress Helen Slater will guest star as on the hit CW series.


Reader Mark Brash sent in this link to streaming video from New Zealand, talking about the Steve Niles adaptation about fifty seconds in and then showing director David Slade discussing gore -- viscera, not the former vice president.


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