Snyder Reveals More Information About DC's New Ultraviolet Lantern Ring


Scott Snyder gave a little more detail about the coming of the Ultraviolent Lantern in the pages of Justice League.

The writer spoke to Den of Geek about the new Justice League comic he will be launching with Jim Cheung and Jorge Jimenez that promises to introduced new and amazing concepts into the DC Universe. As Snyder describes the series, each arc will focus on different team members with the goal being "to feel as though you're learning things about their mythology you never knew existed, just as they are."

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One of the first big reveals will be the Ultraviolent ring, which John Stewart is seen wearing on the cover of Justice League #3. Snyder describes it as being "powered by an invisible emotional spectrum, ultraviolet, infrared, those kinds of powers that have been locked away." He also hints that Sinestro may have already known about this part of the Emotional Spectrum.

Overall, this run on Justice League can be summed up in simple terms with big expectations. "They're challenged by bigger forces, bigger enemies, bigger conflicts and bigger mysteries than we've ever tried before with these guys. Snyder concluded that "We want everything to feel new and unfamiliar."

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