"Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles" Debut Date Announced

Ahead of the feature film's July 28 arrival, Machinima has announced that its online-only "Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles", consisting of three seven-minute episodes, is set to make its debut next week, on June 8.

A collaboration between Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and Machinima, "Gods and Monsters Chronicles" is executive produced by Bruce Timm and co-produced by Alan Burnett, both producers on the revered "Batman: The Animated Series." The project was announced last September, promising "a newly conceived reality in the DC Universe where Justice League members Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are much darker versions of the Super Heroes that people think they know." More specifically, Superman is the son of General Zod, Wonder Woman is from the warring nation of Ares and Batman is Kirk Langstrom, who inadvertently turned himself into a sort of vampire while attempting to cure his own cancer.

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"Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles" will serve as a prelude to "Justice League: Gods and Monsters," the latest DC Comics-based direct-to-home release animated feature; scheduled for release on July 28. Machinima has already announced a second season of "Gods and Monsters Chronicles," and the new take on DC's characters has also inspired an action figure line and a prequel comic, to be published as a digital-first series by DC Comics.

Forget everything you thought you knew about the @DCComics universe with Justice League: #GodsandMonsters, debuting June 8th.

- Machinima (@Machinima) May 31, 2015

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