'Justice League' gets novelizations

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The World's Greatest Super Heroes take the battle for justice to a new playing field in the original Pocket Books publication Justice League of America: Batman - The Stone King, the first of six full-fledged, adult prose paperback novels starring the team.

The Stone King, which was solicited in the December issue of Previews (Volume XI, #12) and reaches comic book stores this month, is written by BATMAN veteran Alan Grant and features a painted cover by Alex Ross, who contributes iconic, graphic covers to the entire series. As this first title implies, each book in the series is told from the point of view of a specific Justice League member, with the exception of the sixth book, which will feature each hero equally.

The second Justice League novel release from Pocket Books will be Justice League of America: Wonder Woman - Mythos, written by Carol Lay, which is scheduled for September 2002 release. Future books in the series include:

Justice League of America: The Flash written by Mark Schultz

Justice League of America: Green Lantern - Hero's Quest written by Dennis O'Neil

Justice League of America: Superman written by Kyle Baker

Justice League of America written by Christopher Golden

"It's been an exciting challenge, pulling this series together," says Charles Kochman, DC's in-house editor on the series. "We're fortunate to have a lineup of writers that includes some really diverse but appropriate names. I'm certain fans will enjoy the books, and new readers will find the series to be both accessible and exciting."

In addition to five core Justice League members whose names appear in the books' titles, other DC Universe heroes, including the Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man, appear in the novels as well.

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