"Justice League" Film Officially Shut Down

Variety reported Wednesday evening news that the Warner Bros. production of "Justice League," based on the hit DC Comics super-team, has been officially shelved.

"Warner Bros. has let the options lapse on the young cast that director George Miller chose to play DC superhero staples. The move made it clear that the project is no longer eyeing a spring start," Variety writes.  Although cast options have been allowed to lapse, would-be cast members have been told the studio is determined to make the film eventually, and with the same actors.

The shutdown follows numerous obstacles that have plagued the George Miller-helmed production, including uncertainty about tax breaks for filming in Australia and questions about the script. Variety reports that "Justice League" producers "like" the script written by Kieran and Michele Mulroney, but that additional work is needed -- work the WGA strike makes impossible.

No doubt compounding matters is the impending end-date of the Screen Actors Guild contract, June 1, 2008. Warner. Bros. would have to begin shooting "Justice League" immediately in order to complete work with the cast before they'd walk off set to strike in solidarity with WGA, which SAG members may choose to do. That producers have let the "Justice League" cast's options lapse is an indicator that the WGA strike is likely to continue well into 2008.

With Justice League indefinitely delayed, Warner Bros. has what Variety characterizes as a superhero gap in its schedule for 2009, as the status of the next Superman film is also uncertain.

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