Justice League: 10 Rumors That Were False (And 5 That Ended Up True)

It's been a long wait, but the Justice League movie is finally upon us. It seems like it has been in the making for years and in fact, that is most certainly the case. After Man of Steel was released in 2013, it didn't take long for Warner Bros. to announce that the next entry in their nascent superhero universe would be Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. With Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg all officially cast, and with the subtitle “Dawn of Justice,” the League's arrival seemed all but imminent.

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Even before Batman v. Superman would be released in theaters, production of Justice League was very much underway. That is when the rumor mill began to churn. With such a massive team-up movie as the next entry in the DCEU, and with so many seeds planted in prior movies, there were a lot of theories circulating around what exactly would go down in the team-up film, who it would involve and where it would lead us. Today, CBR revisits old Justice League-related stories that long predated the movie, to list 10 rumors about the film that were completely false, and five which ended up being true.


Hal Jordan Green Lantern by Ethan Van Sciver

After the events in Batman v. Superman, everyone knew that Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and the two titular superheroes would comprise the Justice League. But there was a rumor that the team-up movie would feature a seventh member on the team, one who was a part of the original roster of the team in the comics in the New 52's Justice League: Origins: The Green Lantern.

Many fans hoped that the will-powered superhero would show up in the film, thanks in no small part to rumors of actors being considered for the role. Many thought that the Green Lantern would arrive late in the game and that his appearance was a tightly-kept secret, but it just so happens that there simply wasn't any room for a seventh Leaguer in the film. However, the door is left open for a new member by the time the credits roll.


cracked green lantern ring 2

Now, it turns out that while everyone was wrong about Hal Jordan's Green Lantern having a role in the film, it was true that Justice League managed to surprise almost everyone when it showcased a cameo appearance of maybe not the Green Lantern, but a Green Lantern. Although he might remain nameless, we did manage to see our first look at a Green Lantern Corps officer in the DCEU.

The appearance takes place during a sequence that shows a flashback of Amazons, humans and Atlanteans uniting against the forces of Steppenwolf and his Parademons. Taking part in the battle are other various super-powered beings, as well, one of which is a Lantern wielding the full might of his green ring. The officer may not have survived the battle, but we did see his ring fly off into the universe, looking for a replacement.


Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne in Justice League

Even before Justice League was released, we had already seen Barry Allen's The Flash in action during a brief cameo sequence in Suicide Squad. The cameo gave us our first look at The Flash's costume and, while later marketing material and official images of the superhero team-up film confirmed that this costume was of Barry's own design, many theorized that The Flash would get a new suit by movie's end.

With Bruce Wayne being the one to seek out Barry, there was a long-standing rumor that the man who has the resources to make himself a Batman suit would also make a sleeker, more stream-lined outfit for the Flash to do battle against the forces of Apokolips. It turned out that this rumor was false – Barry Allen spent the entirety of Justice League fighting in his own costume, with no mentions of a new one.


eisenberg lex luthor

Batman v. Superman ended with Lex Luthor fully aware that Steppenwolf and the might of Apokolips were coming for Earth. In fact, an “after-credits” scene would later be released online, showing us Lex Luthor in the Kryptonian ship, shortly after he had created Doomsday, learning all about the Mother Boxes. This seemed to point to the fact that Luthor would have an important role to play in Justice League.

Before the movie would be released, various reports surfaced that Luthor's part had been cut from the film, but the role had never exactly been confirmed, save for actor Jesse Eisenberg mentioning that he would maybe have a role to play in it. It turns out that Lex Luthor had no role to play in the invasion of Earth, even though he had learned a great deal about it in the Kryptonian ship.


Lex Luthor may not have appeared in Justice League proper, but it turns out that he did, against all odds, appear in the after-credits scene of the film. Although he didn't have a role to play in the team-up movie's main story, his appearance instead seemed to hint at the future of the DCEU. Thanks to this short scene, we learned that not only did Lex manage to escape from prison, he also has quite a lot of funds to use.

In true Lex Luthor fashion, his reach is quite wide, and he has nefarious goals that he wishes to achieve. But, in order to accomplish that, he will need to make some friends – he will need to, in his own words, form a league of his own. Hopefully, this means that we will see Jesse Eisenberg's Luthor again in another DCEU movie.



The Wonder Woman movie managed to surprise everyone when it came out to critical and financial success. The film became an event, and many new fans finally knew all about Diana Prince, the Amazons and Paradise Island. An early fan-favorite character came in the form of Antiope, who trained Diana in the ways of the Amazons, a strong character who sadly died in the first half of the film.

Considering that there had already been reports of Justice League featuring a flashback sequence involving the Amazons fighting the Parademons, many took that to mean that we would see Antiope again, maybe not in a substantial capacity, but at least in a cameo. However, it turns out that while we did see the appropriately amazing flashback sequence, we did not see Antiope return to the screen.


Batman Knightmare scene from Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

One of the big mysteries of Batman v. Superman centered around the Knightmare sequence that showed us Bruce Wayne fighting in a dystopian world ruled by an evil Superman, a general of Apokolips. The sequence ended with a time-traveling Barry Allen warning the present day Bruce of a dark future ahead, and that he had to find the other Leaguers.

Many took this scene, as well as comments from the producers of the movie, to mean that Justice League would offer context and answers to this mysterious sequence. However, no clear answers were featured in the film, and there was no mention of a future Barry Allen. Considering that Justice League was originally intended to be a two-parter film, perhaps the answers are still to come in a sequel -- if it ever happens.



When actor Ben Affleck shared a video featuring a live-action portrayal of Deathstroke, the Internet flamed over what this could possibly mean. The short video was later confirmed to be a screen test for the suit, which made everyone wonder where Deathstroke would appear. The most likely candidate was of course the Batman solo movie, but rumors began to surface of Deathstroke having a cameo in Justice League.

Fuel was later added to the fire when actor Joe Manganiello was officially announced as the actor that would bring Slade Wilson to life on the big screen, making it likely that we would see him sooner rather than later. As it turns out, these rumors were very true: Deathstroke appeared in all his glory in the after-credits scene of the film. Hopefully, his next appearance is already lined up.


Amber Heard Mera

While Justice League was in the midst of filming, we already had confirmation that Amber Heard would appear as Mera, future Queen and wife to Jason Momoa's Aquaman. All signs seemed to point that Mera would have a substantial role to play in the film as part of Aquaman's cast. Furthermore, it was rumored that actor Willem Dafoe would appear as Vulko, another member of the Aquaman cast.

However, it seems all of these reports were wrong. In fact, while Mera did appear in the film, she had little to do in the overarching story, her sequence nothing more than a cameo. As for Vulko, the character did not appear at all in the film, meaning that we will have to wait for Aquaman's solo movie to see these two characters properly on the screen.


Injustice mobile Darkseid

The presence of Darkseid was teased in the Knightmare sequence of Batman v. Superman in the form of his Omega symbol burned into the Earth and the appearance of the Mother Boxes. As the release of Justice League approached, we all knew that the threat the various superheroes would face would be Steppenwolf, the general of the armies of Apokolips and uncle to Darkseid.

Surely, that meant that Darkseid would make his presence known in Justice League. Many believed that Steppenwolf was merely the opening salvo, and that Darkseid would appear before movie's end; if maybe not as the final villain of the piece, than at least in a cameo to setup his future arrival. But save for a mention of his name, we never got to see Darkseid, meaning that this rumor was entirely false.


flash justice league running

As the trailers for Justice League were released throughout the last year, all signs seemed to point to the fact that Ezra Miller's take on Barry Allen would become a fan-favorite. But the trailers only gave us a glimpse of the character in action, and fans were only left to hope that The Flash would be accurately brought to life on the big screen.

Everyone involved in the film fueled the fires of the rumor that The Flash would steal the show in the superhero team-up film. As a matter of fact, they were right. Barry Allen truly was a highlight of the film, providing comic relief and heart whenever necessary – not to mention quite a few amazing super-speed action scenes. Fans realized that they had nothing to worry about when this rumor was proven true.


With the main synopsis of Justice League already confirmed to feature the forces of Apokolips as the main threat of the film and the reason for the superheroes to unite, some fans looked to the comic books for clues as to where the movie could lead us. Justice League: Origins saw the team uniting to defeat the invading forces of Darkseid, and the series even saw Bruce Wayne travel to Apokolips to rescue Superman.

Therefore, rumors started circulating that the Justice League, thanks to Cyborg's capacity to create Boom Tubes, would travel to Apokolips before movie's end to truly defeat their enemies. But while Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest did fight against the Parademons and Steppenwolf, they did so squarely on Earth, without traveling through the cosmos to reach another planet.


Suicide Squad Joker Scenes Cut

Batman v. Superman introduced the Batman to the DCEU, and it did so while seeding a mystery about a fallen Robin. Part of this mystery was carried over into Suicide Squad, a movie that starred Jared Leto's Joker. But while Batman appeared in a cameo capacity in the film, he never actually had a scene with the Joker to give us the answers we wanted.

With Justice League being the next big building block in the expanding DCEU, some rumors began to surface that Leto's Joker would appear at least in a cameo capacity in the film. Many hoped to see Batman and Joker finally face off onscreen, if only for a brief confrontation. However, not only did the Joker not appear in the film, he wasn't even mentioned.


Justice League trailer Superman

Man of Steel introduced us to the DCEU's own take on Superman. This was a darker character who was only coming into his own as a superhero, one that wasn't fully established yet as the superhero we knew in the comics. Then, Batman v. Superman left us all shocked when Superman died at the hands of Doomsday. The door was open for his return, but Superman's presence in Justice League was still kept a mystery.

The prevailing rumor was that Superman would return to life in the team-up film, and that he would come back much more in line with his comic book counterpart. This new Superman would be fueled by hope, and he would be the superhero that we had always wanted him to be. As it turns out, that rumor was entirely true. Superman returned to life, and he truly became a beacon of hope in the DCEU.



Before the mixed reception of Batman v. Superman would prompt Warner Bros. to course-correct their direction for the DCEU, it had already been announced that Justice League would be a two-part event film. However, those plans were changed, in favor of a single, self-contained film, with the possibility of a sequel further down the line.

Although the two-part plan was scrapped, there was still a rumor circulating that Justice League would end on a cliffhanger of sorts, something that would absolutely need to be resolved in a follow-up. With Apokolips involved, many wondered if the movie would end with our first look at Darkseid, setting him up as the villain of the sequel. However, it turns out that the film had a proper end – one that, instead, looked to much a brighter future.

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