16 Hilarious Justice League Fail Memes

Justice League has come and gone, and it has signaled a serious need for a course correction for the DCEU. Despite having some of the greatest characters in comic history, the movie was still subpar at best. Featuring half-baked CGI, Superman's infamous mouth, and a tone that feels inconsistent with the previous entries, Warner Bros is ready to set the record straight going forward. However, the internet will never forget the ultimate flop that was the Justice League film. Even with the help of Joss Whedon, the man behind The Avengers, it couldn't be saved. Making matters worse is that rumors were let out that Warner Bros knew it wouldn't be great but decided to release it anyway.

As is the case with bad popular movies nowadays, the internet was taken the time to make fun of Justice League with the help of memes. While they're not all true (some of them make pretty poor arguments), they're still enjoyable for a few good laughs or two. What's better is that you don't have to scour for the best ones, because we have 16 of our top picks for Justice League memes. DC's finest heroes might be knocked down a few pegs after this.


One of the criticisms surrounding Justice League is that its heroes aren't tonally consistent with what has been established in the DCEU up to that point. Batman is a bit more quippy this time around, which isn't exactly his forte if Batman V Superman is anything to go by. The new characters are fine, but when you break them down to a fundamental level, there isn't much there for most of them.

Cyborg is little more than a device, only being in the movie because he's connected to the Mother Box. Flash is simply the character there to make as many jokes as possible. Aquaman is a loner who is cool because he can swim at fast speeds. Batman is Batman. Finally, Wonder Woman is the best thing the DCEU has going for it, but they definitely don't deserve her.


One of the most horrifying scenes in the recent It film was when the kids were looking at pictures of Pennywise through a projector. In a short amount of time, the demon clown takes over the display and comes out, making the kids scream while trying to shut it all off. Because it's a horror movie, it's not hard to guess what happened after that.

Believe it or not, audiences had a similar reaction to Henry Cavill's mouth in the film. After some "impressive" CGI work was done to digitally remove his mustache, it was still extremely noticeable and looked downright wrong. If we were with our friends and saw Superman's weird face on a projector, we'd try to get it shut off as well.



Warner Bros has been known to severely alter their movies before they release simply because they think it'll do well for them financially. Without having any concrete plans in place, it's clear that their worldbuilding is taking a massive hit as a result (Justice League was called in for reshoots along with Suicide Squad. It was also the whole reason Man of Steel 2 became Batman V Superman). However, that's the entire reason that this meme works so well.

Over at schmoesknow, it's been said that a movie with the word "wedding" in the title would do well opening weekend. It's shocking that Warner Bros already hasn't picked up on this and tried to do a wedding movie with the heroes of the DC Universe. Perhaps it's on their to-do list.


If there is one complaint about Justice League that rises above all the rest, it's that the villain is probably the worst one yet in the history of superhero movies. Not only was Steppenwolf completely generic from his design to his motivation, but he was also created entirely with CGI that was simply unfinished. He looked awful from the start.

When he introduces himself to the Justice League, there's a lot of lazy dialogue that comes from him. There's no better reaction to how he is portrayed than from Wade Wilson in the most recent trailer for Deadpool 2. Wade looks at the camera and says, "Well that's just lazy writing." We'd imagine that this was his reaction to every single one of Steppenwolf's lines in Justice League.



When DC announced that it would be creating a cinematic universe to match the MCU, everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before Batman showed up to save the day. Little did we know that Batman would be the biggest focus of the DCEU, having had a massive claim in most of their movies since his debut.

Suicide Squad featured not one, but three cameos from the Dark Knight. Man of Steel 2 was completely restructured to become a movie that was predominantly about Batman. Then, in the Justice League movie, the main character is Batman. It seems that Warner Bros knows that Batman is one of the biggest DC properties, but it's the DC Extended Universe, not the Batman Extended Universe.


While this isn't directly related to Justice League, there were several signs that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn't going to be the movie that most people were hoping for. Among them was the reveal that Doomsday would be the villain of the film, but he looked quite different than many comic fans had remembered him and it was all for the worst.

Instead of resembling his menacing comic design, Doomsday was more akin to one of the Ninja Turtles from Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. However, Snickers has the answer. All Warner Bros needed to do was pop one of those bad boys in Doomsday's mouth, and we would've looked at least ten times better. Perhaps they'll remember to do that for Black Manta.



There will always be those DC fans who will still swear by the DCEU and say that the MCU has a lot of improvements to make. However, if you ever meet a DC fan who talks about how awful the MCU villains are, then they might be speaking a bit too quickly. Let's look at their history, shall we?

Lex Luthor is nothing more than Jesse Eisenberg doing a bit, Doomsday looked like the cave troll from The Lord of the Rings, Ares was essentially a CGI monster with Nigel Thornberry's accent, and Steppenwolf looked like a generic demon from the DOOM series. On the flipside, Marvel has at least a few villains that are worth watching on-screen. Even Suicide Squad's and Man of Steel's villains weren't all that great.


If you say that Superman is the symbol of hope in the DCEU, then you're dead wrong. Without a doubt, the DCEU's shining beacon of hope is Wonder Woman. It doesn't have much to do with her outlook or methods in being a hero, but rather the quality of her character and related solo movie. Most people agree that Wonder Woman was the best DCEU movie to date. It even has an impressive score on Rotten Tomatoes.

As it stands, she's the only character that Warner Bros has going for them. After the success of her film, she's practically holding together Warner Bros, DC, and their entire movie slate. While Batman's fate is uncertain and Man of Steel 2 hasn't been talked about for a long time, Wonder Woman 2 is still in the pipeline. Well done, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot.



False advertising is a pretty serious crime in America, but it's an accusation that gets thrown around a lot (particularly in the issue of makeup on women). However, there might be some grounds for false advertising against the Justice League movie. It has nothing to do with them visibly not including the DC's finest heroes or the coming together of the various heroes. Where the false advertising comes into play is in direct relation to the quality of the film.

As this meme puts it, "The trailers made it look a lot cooler than it really is." There's no denying that Justice League started out its marketing on the right foot, but things quickly went downhill after Snyder had to drop out and Whedon took over. After that point, there were some cool posters, but that was about it.


Gillette did an interesting campaign where they teamed up with Warner Bros to have special razor sets based on various characters from the DCEU. One question they asked along the way was, "How does the Man of Steel shave?" Some cartoons have depicted him using his laser vision to get the job done, but we're otherwise a bit confused as to how he does it.

At least, we were confused until Justice League came out. The only way for Superman to get his mustache removed is by $300 million dollar special effects. As this meme playfully points out, the whole debacle with Henry Cavill's strange-looking upper lip would've been the perfect opportunity to bring back Gillette's "How does Superman shave?" marketing campaign. Many people would've eaten it up.



Going into the Justice League movie, there's reason to think that Batman would've had some very specific criteria for who got to be a member. When going to visit Arthur Curry halfway across the world, he was looking for people with powers who were willing to protect the world from disaster. That said, there was a surefire way for Aquaman and the other members to guarantee that Batman would bring them in.

Of course, this is where we make jokes about the "Martha" scene in Batman V Superman. Had Aquaman's mother's name been AquaMartha, Batman probably would've leapt out of his parka and welcomed the King of Atlantis into his ranks. Likewise, if Barry's dead mother was also named Martha, then the two of them would've been good friends from the start.


What was very fascinating is that, around the same time Justice League came out, "Crisis on Earth X" (the Arrowverse 4-night crossover) debuted on the small screen. After DC fans watched both, the general consensus is that the Arrowverse did the whole team-up much better than the DCEU ever did (and they had a lot more characters to work with as well).

Overall, "Crisis on Earth X" was a much more exciting crossover that built itself on a well-established universe with many characters that we already had the opportunity to know. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the DCEU, no matter how good their opening animation is. At the end of the day, the adventures of Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and the Legends are just better stories.



Many reviewers reported that there was one moment where everyone was clapping during Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice -- and it had nothing to do with either of the title characters. Instead, it was when Wonder Woman showed up in her suit to help fight Doomsday with her new, intense theme blaring in the background.

After she showed up, Batman and Superman shared a dialogue about who she was with, but this meme says that there was a bit more to it than that. In that moment, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight both realized that they were immediately being shoved to the side in favor of a character who was much more interesting. It's terribly fitting, then, that the resulting Wonder Woman movie was much better than Batman V Superman.


This isn't a criticism solely with the DCEU, but with DC Comics as a whole. The whole idea that Superman puts on glasses and a civilian uniform and no one recognizes him has always been absurd. That said, it's even more absurd when you have someone with the massive physique that actor Henry Cavill has -- there's just no mistaking that chiseled jawline and those toned muscles.

What makes this even worse is that Clark Kent disappeared at the same time Superman died in Batman V Superman, and no one seemed to put two and two together. The entire time, everyone is just acting like Korath did in Guardians of the Galaxy when Peter Quill said that he was a famous galactic outlaw known as Star-Lord.



When it was announced that Justice League would be going through some reshoots, Warner Bros hit a snag when Henry Cavill had a mustache. Instead of being able to shave it, Paramount wouldn't allow it (he needed the look for the next Mission Impossible film). That said, Warner Bros shrugged their shoulders and thought they could easily fix it.

With that in mind, we would've loved to be in the room when they told Henry Cavill that they were just going to digitally edit his mustache out of the film. We'd bet that he might've hedged a little, but went with it anyway. After all, when you're in a movie as big as Justice League, then you need to just go along with whatever the studio tells you. It didn't payoff for the Superman actor.


There are a few moments where Justice League tries to get the audience to fear the villainous Steppenwolf, but they all fall flat. Among them is when he first appears to combat the League. They fire a large missile at him, which he just catches and holds in his hand before calling it primitive and throwing it to the side.

This meme points out that his criticism of the missile seems misplaced simply because of the weapon he ends up using. Steppenwolf doesn't wield a gun or any sort of lasers. Instead he uses an axe. We have to admit that it goes without saying how much more primitive an axe is when you compare it to a giant missile. He's a bit of a hypocrite there.


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