Justice League Takes the Fight to Japan in Eagle Talon Anime Crossover

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The forces of evil have been mounting an offensive in Japan, and only the powers of Flash animation can stop them.

DLE Inc. revealed on Thursday that its upcoming DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon anime film will debut in Japanese theaters on October 21. The film combines the heroes and villains of both DC Comics and the Eagle Talon anime series to create a comedic mashup that sees the Justice League travel to Japan in pursuit of the Joker, only to come across the nefarious, bumbling Eagle Talon Society.

The Eagle Talon series began in 2006 as a Flash animation created by Ryo Ono, best known by his alias Frogman, and distributed by DLE. The show follows an evil secret society, Eagle Talon, as it tries to take over the world, failing with each attempt. The team is comprised of five members: Chancellor, the leader of Eagle Talon; Yoshida, the group’s kind-hearted center; Phillip, a timid former death metal vocalist; Doctor Leonardo, the group’s mad scientist; and Creepy Kid, Eagle Talon’s purple child prodigy whose psychic powers manifest only when threatened. The team’s main antagonist is Deluxe Fighter, a narcissistic and cowardly superhero.

The series first debuted on TV Asahi in 2006 as part of the Frogman Show animation block. Since then, Eagle Talon has gone on to spawn numerous television shows and movies, like Eagle Talon: The Countdown and Eagle Talon GT.

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DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon is being made on a shoestring budget, as Ryo Ono has served as the writer, director, animator and voice actor for the show since its inception. To fund the movie, minor character rights from the show are being auctioned off. Bidders can purchase the rights to use monsters from the Eagle Talon series for up to five years. The auction is being organized through Yahoo! Auctions and is set to begin on May 29 and run until June 4. A second round of auctions will be held on June 5 and run until June 11.

DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon is set to hit theaters in Japan mere weeks before Warner Bros. releases Justice League, its tentpole superhero ensemble film that looks to bring together characters like Batman, Superman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg to fend off an invasion by the villainous Steppenwolf. Hopefully, Steppenwolf will be as ineffectual in his conquest as the Eagle Talon gang.

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