EXCL: Tynion & Snyder Drown the Earth in Their Justice League/Aquaman Crossover

But putting Poseidon into the Graveyard of Gods isn't the end to the chaos; the events of "Drowned Earth" will awaken a line up of threats that have been locked away for eons are finally able to roam free once more, and they've got Earth in their crosshairs. A group of once forgotten "Sea God" are returning -- the one who bears a striking resemblance to the Dark Knights: Metal evil Batman character, The Drowned, is named Captain Tide says Tynion -- and they've got a plan that could threaten all life on Earth.

Said plan involves flooding (of course) but it's more than just the oceans overflowing. The Sea Gods have brought a mutagenic force with them. Tynion elaborated, "They unleash a cosmic flood all over with this magically enhanced water that literally transforms everyone who touches it into the aquatic, monstrous versions of themselves." Something that would explain the horrifying half-lobster version of the Flash on the event book's cover.

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Cover art for Justice League #11, part of the Drowned Earth crossover

The others may not have quite as dramatic a transformation through the story, but that doesn't mean they're in the clear. Snyder specifically pointed out the design work of Francis Manapul, telling CBR, "I told Francis -- I was like: what do you think about trying to create almost like this look for the League as it things get more and more dire where they look like crazy, badass space pirates leading the charge against these guys? And he was so into it, so we just went for it."

Justice League: Drowned Earth kicks off in Justice League/Aquman: Drowned Earth #1 hitting shelves on October 31st, and continues weekly through Justice League #10, Aquaman #42, Justice League #12, and concludes with Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #2.

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