EXCL: Tynion & Snyder Drown the Earth in Their Justice League/Aquaman Crossover

Of course there's more to Drowned Earth's roots than the mysteries hidden inside Atlantis' walls, and Justice League writer Scott Snyder was more than happy to elaborate on the strange nature of the ocean itself. "We wanted to create this big mystery around the idea that Earth seems to be one of the only planets that has vibrant sort of oceanic life. There just aren't a lot of other places that have big living oceans. So we wanted to create a mystery around that -- was there something that happened with Atlantis that caused that?

"That's kind of why Arthur feels like he's looking back at the days of Atlantis when it was an exploratory city, one of the first ever in history before it sunk," Snyder continued. "And it was a civilization that wanted to reach out to other planets, wanted to reach out to other civilizations and see if there was a way of using the ocean, using this kind of fluidity of life that connect us all to reach out and find other other species."

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EXCLUSIVE: Cover art for Aquaman/Justice League: Drowned Earth #1

As you would expect from a mega-crossover event, getting those answers may prove dangerous, not only to Aquaman and the League, but to our entire planet. Drowned Earth is kicking off with a few catastrophic events -- events, both Tynion and Snyder confirmed, that will revolve around Legion of Doom members Cheetah and Black Manta undertaking a devastating mission to a newly opened area in the post-Metal Rebirth DCU: the Graveyard of Gods. As for how, and why, they get there, well... there's been a murder.

"In Justice League #8, we see Black Manta and Cheetah kill Poseidon," Tynion spoiled. The pair of evil villains then banish him to the Graveyard, which is "still a stage in the larger plan of Lex Luthor and the unlocking of the Totality."

There are larger consequences than just the threat to the pantheons, of course. Cheetah and Manta's actions cause a "major disruption in magic," Snyder said, "similar to what we're seeing in Justice League Dark."

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