Drowned Earth Kills Off a Major DC God in Justice League #12

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League #12 by James Tynion IV, Frazer Irving, Bruno Redondo and Sunny Gho, in stores now.

There are so many different gods in the DC Universe that it shouldn't be surprising when they fight one another. Some battle for power, while others attempt to keep the world safe. Then there are those who have their own selfish desires. The DCU is filled with all-powerful entities and deities who are as fallible as the beings who worship them. In Justice League #12, the third part of the massive "Drowned Earth" storyline, we learn just how petty one god can be.

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Aquaman learns the dark truth about the aquatic gods attacking Earth and the treachery of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Just like people, gods can make poor decisions and come to regret them later. It is this confession that changes everything we thought we knew about the villains of "Drowned Earth," and seals the fate of the Earth's mighty sea god.

God's Honest Truth is Revealed

As it turns out, the gods who invaded Earth were not always as evil as they now show themselves to be. Inside the Graveyard of Gods, Poseidon reveals what truly happened thousands of years ago when Arion first called the sea gods of other worlds to Earth. Hoping to form an alliances and create a united ocean across the cosmos, the ancient hero of Atlantis was able to bring Captain Gall, Commander Drogue and Fleet Admiral Tyyde to Earth, but what we didn't know was that they originally came in peace.

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While the evil gods would have the Justice League believe they originally responded to Arion's call in order to take over the world, Poseidon confesses what really happened. The Earth's sea god actually became jealous of this new triumvirate and feared they could one day replace him in his seat of power. He thought that if there were more gods, it would make him less special and Arion would no longer need him.

So what did Poseidon do all those years ago? He betrayed everyone. He blackened Arion's heart in order to plot against these deities and create the Tear of Extinction -- the ultimate weapon that could destroy even a god. Under Poseidon's influence, Arion unleashed that power, sending Gall, Drogue and Tyyde to the Graveyard of Gods and killing the hero of Atlantis in the process. Poseidon's treachery goes even further than this one single event, though.

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