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As comic fans ourselves, we love decorating our personal space and office with things we love from the fandoms we follow, but it isn't always easy to justify the expense of framing a poster or commissioning an art print. Thankfully Displate has provided an amazing and affordable option with its high-quality metal art prints that come with easy to install magnetic hardware.

Displate is now offering fans 35% off their purchase when they use the special code "PUMPKIN" at checkout. That's it, nice and easy and you're saving money on these already inexpensive pieces of art. So to make things even easier for you, we've selected a few amazing prints of Justice League members that any DC fan would be happy to have on their wall.

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Two of the most iconic members of the Justice League are also two of the most popular superheroes ever created, and Superman and Batman would look great together or separate. The Dark Knight and the Big Blue Boy Scout may seem like an odd couple, but they have worked well together for years as friends and allies.

Whether they are starring in the pages of Justice League or the live-action adaptation or co-headlining a comic together, Batman and Superman are household names that belong in your household as well, and thankfully Displate has found an artistic way to bring these great characters into your home.


Wonder Woman has always shared a connection with Aquaman, as both are ambassadors and leaders of their people, the Amazons, and Atlanteans, respectively. While Wonder Woman isn't the Queen of Themyscira in the current continuity, she has led the Amazons into battle many times.

And Arthur Curry has both sat on the throne of Atlantis and been exiled from his underwater kingdom, leaving both characters with sometimes nothing but the League to fall back on. Fans of these two characters will love the artistic impressions of these two rulers and powerful members of the Justice League.


We previously mentioned that Superman and Batman worked well together both on the League and as solo heroes due to their "odd couple" type friendship. Well, Flash and Green Lantern have a similar friendship that brings the two heroes together, though it's often their similarities and not the differences that bring them together.

Barry Allen is (usually) the fastest man alive while Hal Jordan is an intergalactic cop with a test pilot attitude who just so happens to wield the most powerful weapon in the universe. These Displate metal prints feature the same impressionist style of the other selections today, though they get an added pop due to the colorful effects of their respective powers.

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