[SPOILER] Destroys the Justice League in Two Seconds Flat

Wonder Woman Jason Dark Gods Justice League

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman #48 by James Robinson and Jesus Merino, in stores now.

Just as the Dark Gods revealed themselves in Wonder Woman #47, Diana Prince was taken off-world to help the Star Sapphires defeat another malevolent force, another Dark God who had plans to decimate the planet Zamaron. Honor-bound, Diana fulfilled her duty as a protector and warrior on the other side of the cosmos. While that is certainly nice for the Star Sapphires, it doesn't exactly mean everything is sunshine and rainbows back on Earth. Diana was taken away just as the battle with the celestial beings was about to begin, leaving only her twin brother Jason to stand against them.

In Wonder Woman #48, the battle for Earth begins. Thanks to his powerful Olympian suit, Jason is able to save many people from the Dark Gods, but he is nowhere near powerful enough, or experienced enough, to take on such a big threat by himself. After all, the Dark Gods are unknown entities, and nobody exactly knows what the full extent of their powers are yet. Thankfully, the Justice League arrives on the scene to lend a fighting hand. But, shockingly, the team is defeated by the Gods before the battle can even begin.

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Wonder Woman Dark Gods Justice League

Thanks to a call from Steve Trevor, the Justice League quickly shows up to help Wonder Woman's twin face off against King Best, the leader of the Dark Gods. But as soon as they approach the colossal statue, the Justice League literally disappears, swallowed whole by the colossal entity. We come to learn that Best was actually waiting for power like the League possesses, consuming it in order to wake him from his stupor. Basically, the Justice League's mere appearance at the battle scene led to the Dark God fully awakening.

Now, it should be noted that the iteration of the Justice League that shows up in the book is missing a few heavy hitters. Wonder Woman isn't a part of the roster, considering that she is far away on Zamaron. On top of that, Superman is a no-show, presumably taking care of a threat elsewhere. The team, however, is not without a Kryptonian: Supergirl stands in for her cousin, and she notes that the Dark Gods' power is born of magic, meaning that she is susceptible to their attacks. But it ultimately doesn't matter: the League didn't even get the chance to lift a finger, let alone deliver a single punch.

The Justice League have gone against more than their fair share of celestial gods lately, and every time, whether it was Barbatos and the Dark Knights or the Omega Titans, they've managed to fight back. No matter the odds, no matter how dire the situation may be, they find a way to defeat these ancient, cosmic threats. Now, they find themselves on the ropes in a more desperate state than they've been in for years Can Wonder Woman's return be enough to stop the Dark Gods, or will she need to enlist even more help in order to take them down?

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