Justice League: DC Turns Superman's [SPOILER] Into His Murderer

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League #21, from Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, Tom Napolitano and Alejandro Sanchez, on sale now.

As the Justice League tries to navigate the mysterious Sixth Dimension, their hopes and dreams of saving the Multiverse are dissipating quickly. After Flash and Green Lantern John Stewart witnessed a way to rebuild planets, and Wonder Woman experienced a dream version of Themysicra, the heroes desperately want to believe this paradise is the solution to their problems.

But when the truth about this realm's Superman comes out and the sinister dimension he's shaped, the League is thrown into disarray, left with no choice to rebel. Sadly, it leaves them trapped in a new, even more hellish Apokolips, where the warden is none other than Lois Lane.

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The League ends up here because they're standing up for the principle of a free and fair Multiverse. When the regal Superman is revealed to be the World Forger, he offers them the chance for this utopian reality to replace their own, the one Lex Luthor is bringing destruction to with the Legion of Doom and their kidnapping of the goddess of creation, Perpetua. All Batman's team has to do is vote in favor the transposition, and the switch will be made. Sadly, it involves locking up half the Multiverse, trillions of villains who the heroes assume will stand on the side of doom rather than justice.

ultimately, the team votes against the offer, and for this act of insolence, the Forger throws them into the pits of Apokolips. There, they stumble upon all the villains the Forger and his League (who are very similar to the Justice League cartoon's Justice Lords) imprisoned. Our heroes are stunned, wondering if this is where their Superman is. As they observe the landscape, a team of armed soldiers descend upon them, revealing they now run the destitute planet. When the warden unmasks, though, the Lois revelation is merely the tip of the iceberg, as the ex-reporter -- who's looking way more battle-weary -- admits she killed this dimension's Superman to help establish this new world (or Multiverse) order.

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We've seen Lois Lane as an intrepid reporter, a Black Lantern, and even a Superwoman, but the closest she's been depicted as compared to this is probably in Flashpoint when she joined an English resistance trying to stop war between the Amazons and Atlanteans. However you slice it, a gun-toting Lois making this killer confession has to be the scariest, because if she could take down the Man of Steel, she may well hold the secrets to disarming this crew.

We don't know why she killed her Kal-El, but the League made it clear their Superman wouldn't vote in favor of the Forger's scheme. It stands to reason the Sixth Dimension's Superman didn't, either, which created some sort of conflict. Still, one has to imagine how terrible it must have gotten for Lois to murder the love of her life for this warped, seemingly perfect vision of the cosmos to take form.

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As it stands, the real Superman is trapped in a pocket universe where he's dying with each attempt to escape. With his imposter finally revealing his true self, though, it's a matter of time before he's brought back into the fold, with hints suggesting this reality's Shayne (the son of Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders) wants to free him as he's not a fan of this cosmic dictatorship. Hopefully, his freedom comes sooner rather than later, because Kal-El may be the only thread left for this Lois' salvation, and also, to help his friends return to the doomed place they call home.

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