Scott Snyder: Justice League's Next Arc Will 'Collapse' DC's Hypertime

Ever since writer Scott Snyder took over the Justice League comic series, he has sent the world's finest superheroes on one crazy adventure after another. Along with superstar artists such as Jim Cheung and Jorge Jimenez, Snyder has put the Justice League through the ringer, taking them from a trip inside the Totality to a war with ancient cosmic sea gods that drowned the Earth to a trip to the Sixth Dimension.

As it turns out, that's only the start. In an interview with CBR, Snyder revealed his overarching Justice League plans are only nearing the second act, and that the theory of Hypertime will come into play in a massive way.

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"In the three-act structure, Act 2 is the lowest possible point for the heroes," Snyder said. "Right now is the moment right before everything goes south, and the only way they have to win is to enact the events of what we're going to start in issue #30. That's called 'Justice Doom War,' and it'll run about ten issues. That will bring the Legion of Doom, including villains from across the DCU and the Justice League, including heroes from across the DCU to fight throughout the history of the DCU."

"We're bringing Hypertime into effect, and we're going to collapse it and go crazy. It's one of the biggest things I've ever been a part of, even though it's still just in our book. I'm really excited about finally getting to the nuttiest and most emotional part of our plan."

The idea of "Hypertime" was created by Grant Morrison and Mark Waid. Essentially, Hypertime was an alternate view on the DC Multiverse. It defined parallel dimensions and realities as divergent timelines from the main continuity and was seen as the web that contained all of these alternate worlds.

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On top of teasing his plans for the next arc of Justice League, Scott Snyder also recently revealed the Justice Society of America would soon be coming back in the title. The fan-favorite team of superheroes has been missing from main DC continuity since the New 52 reboot. There were recently seen in Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Doomsday Clock, which explained how the JSA was erased from the timeline.

The latest arc of Justice League, "The Sixth Dimension" recently reached its conclusion in issue #25. Snyder's grand plans will continue in Justice League #26 by James Tynion IV and Javi Fernandez, which goes on sale Wednesday, June 19.

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