The Justice League Just Left A Classic DC Location in Ruins

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League Dark #4 by Jame Tynion IV, Alvaro Martínez Bueno, Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson and Rob Leigh, in stores now.

Both the Justice League Dark and Woman Woman titles are currently in the midst of "The Witching Hour" crossover, a storyline that threatens the entire world of magic in the DC Universe. The Witch Goddess Hecate has grown weary of the way magic is being used by humans, and she is now out to purge all of it from the world in order to replace it with something else -- something she will control entirely.

For that reason, she's activated all five of her witch-marked characters, each of whom who hold a fifth of Hecate's power within themselves, setting them loose upon the world. One of them is the mystically-powered Manitou Dawn, who is dispatched by the Witch Goddess to a longstanding location that she is tasked to destroy: Nanda Parbat.

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Justice League Dark Nanda Parbat destruction

The Himalayan city of Nanda Parbat has been a big part of the DC Universe ever since its first appearance in 1967's Strange Adventures #205 by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infatino. A mysterious location of mysticism and magic, the city has been closely tied with Batman mythology and everything pertaining to Ra's Al Ghul, as well as the character of Boston Brand aka Deadman, who was brought back to life by the city's protector, the goddess Rama Kushna.

Justice League Dark #4 reminds us of the importance of Nanda Parbat in the magical balance of the world. It's a nexus of magic and power, which is precisely why Hecate has sent her powerful minion, Manitou Dawn, to destroy it. With the full might of Hecate behind her, Manitou unleashes pure destruction upon the city, no matter what defense mechanism it throws at her. Mystical monks can't slow her down, and the goddess Rama Kushna herself manifests to fight back, but even she can't push back against the forces she faces. Rama is forced to abandon Nanda Parbat, leaving it behind with only Deadman's comforting notion that, even though the city took over six millennia to be properly constructed, it can be built once again -- somewhere else.

The members of the Justice League Dark team try their best to protect the city, but their last hope falls when Wonder Woman is taken over by Hecate. As the issue comes to a close, Nanda Parbat is in ruins, abandoned, godless, destroyed and covered in flames. Perhaps the magical super-team will manage to prevent its total obliteration before "The Witching Hour" comes to a close, but even then, this truly seems like the end for Nanda Parbat -- or at least, this iteration of it.

As it stands, the world of magic has just lost one of its main pillars. But who knows, perhaps something else will rise out of Nanda Parbat's ashes to take its place.

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