Justice League Dark Debuts Its New Villain, The Upside Down Man

In the wake of Justice League: No Justice, Wonder Woman will find herself leading a new incarnation of Justice League Dark filled with magical and strange characters such as Detective Chimp, Zatanna and Man-Bat. Chief among them is the team's first villain: the Upside Down Man, who was revealed by series writer James Tynion IV earlier today. True to his name, he is indeed upside down -- from his stance to his face.

Drawn by the book's artist Alvaro Martinez Bueno, the Upside Down Man is said by Tynion to be the "scariest damn villain" that's graced the DC universe in some time. He will confront the Justice League Dark as they seek to uncover the magical mysteries of the universe.

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The members of Justice League Dark have always prided themselves as the magical equivalent to the regular League, with a roster that in recent years has typically included Zatanna, Swamp Thing and John Constantine.

Wonder Woman has already come into contact with most of the members of her new team over the last few years. Following the New 52 relaunch, she briefly fought Swamp Thing, while she and Detective Chimp survived the Dark Nights attack on Earth together during Dark Nights: Metal. She and Zatanna were also members of Brainiac's Team Mystery during No Justice.

Tynion and Bueno's Justice League Dark #1 goes on sale July 25.

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