Justice League Dark: Shrouds Take an Interest in Batman in New Clip

Batman is no stranger to death. He has seen it take his parents as well as other loved ones and he's escaped it a fair few times, so it's not surprising to see that it has taken an interest in him in a new clip from "Justice League Dark."

The clip opens as Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and Batman approach the home of one of Constantine's old friends. However, as they draw closer, they see that the house is surrounded by shrouds -- that is, supernatural creatures that deliver souls to hell. As soon as the shrouds detect Constantine, they immediately turn and threaten him, but Constantine isn't having any of that and tells them "do something useful" and go haunt a house.

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Though Zatanna and Deadman can see the shrouds, Batman can't and promptly wants to know who -- or, rather, what -- Constantine is speaking to. Deadman quickly explains the nature of the shrouds, who then take an interest in Batman, much to the others' surprise. "This one has cheated us many times," one of the shrouds hisses. "It is vexing." Though Batman can't see or hear them, he manages to respond in kind.

The clip originally debuted at last year’s New York Comic Con. “There’s a lot of magic, there’s a lot action — it’s superhero stuff with a lot of magic spells,” producer James Tucker explained at the time. “Basically, I asked myself what I would do if I made a ‘Harry Potter’ movie, and that’s basically this film,” added director Jay Oliva.

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Directed by Warner Bros. Animation vet Jay Oliva, “Justice League Dark” stars Jason O’Mara as Batman, Camilla Luddington as Zatanna, Nicholas Turturro as Deadman, Roger R. Cross as Swamp Thing, Ray Chase as Jason Blood/Etrigan and Matt Ryan — reprising his role from the NBC series — as Constantine.

“Justice League Dark” is now available on Digital HD (for $19.99 in HD and $14.99 in SD), and releases February 7 on Blu-ray/DVD. A Deluxe Giftset Blu-ray — selling for $39.99 — will include a Constantine figurine, in addition to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, including an early look at the upcoming “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract” animated film.

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