Justice League Dark May Be Hinting at the Return of Another DC Magic Team

Now here they are again, for the first time in Rebirth continuity, and they are sitting closest to the casket, signifying a strong connection to the deceased. No mention is made of who they are and how they know one another, but DC still makes it happen. Ragman now looks like a demonic mummy, and Enchantress is more evil than she has been in a long time (and she's apparently dead), but still this group comes together to mourn one of their own. If you needed more evidence that Shadowpact is coming back, look no further than the story arc's name on the last page.

The Shadow Pact Returns

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Tasked with protecting the world of Myrra, it appears that Detective Chimp may have actually destroyed the mystical shadow lands instead of helping to defend them. When the Justice League Dark enters the dimension, they are faced with an undead army and a former friend who has a literal axe to grind. Despite having barely appeared over the last few years, Blue Devil seems to have history with Bobo, and things are not good between the two.

At some point following Nightmaster's memorial service, Detective Chimp made a terrible decision that ruined the world he was supposed to protect. In his stead, Dan Cassidy has apparently been protecting what little remains, so you can be sure that he's not happy when the supposed Nightmaster shows up unexpectedly. It appears that the two once had some sort of pact before everything went wrong, and Bobo has broken it. Now the two former friends are enemies, so the future of this reemerging team is already in doubt.

While it is unclear if Shadowpact is still in continuity, there are enough hints and references to suggest that there is some kind of shared history between these characters. After all the changes these characters have undergone, it would have been too easy to ignore their shared history, but the creators still went out of their way to include them.

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It should be noted that no one actually says the team's name out loud, or even suggests that there was a team at some point. However, Tynion and company had to know that fans would recognize these subtle connections. Also, naming this story arc "The Shadow Pact" is a little too on the nose to suggest all of this is coincidence. What is the future of Shadowpact? Hopefully the answer will be in Justice League Dark #6.

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