Justice League Dark May Be Hinting at the Return of Another DC Magic Team

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League Dark #5 by Jame Tynion IV, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran and Adriano Lucas, in stores now.

There has always been a magical superhero team to defend the DC Universe, but what if the world actually had two? Before the Justice League Dark was introduced as the DCU's preeminent supernatural super team, there were many groups before it. We've had The Leymen, the Sentinels of Magic, the Seven Soldiers and Shadowpact. Though the JLD currently holds the role, it has now been hinted that another magic team could be coming back.

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In Justice League Dark #5, we finally see Nightmaster's funeral following his demise in Dark Nights: Metal. James Tynion IV and Daniel Sampere bring the entire magical community of the DCU together in order to say goodbye to this hero. With the guests that attend, and everything that happens after, it appears that the superhero team known as the Shadowpact is back.

Old Friends Return to Say Goodbye

Following the end of "The Witching Hour" crossover, we get a look back to when Detective Chimp first inherited the Sword of Night and the Oblivion Bar from Nightmaster. Jim Rook had died saving the world, and now his legacy has been left in the hands of the person (or chimpanzee) least fitting of that honor. Bobo doesn't know what else to do but drink, but that doesn't mean his friends can't do the right thing.

A torrent of magical characters come in to say their goodbyes, and an outpouring of familiar faces can be seen in the crowd. Deadman, Phantom Stranger, Azrael and Doctor Occult trickle in, but of greater note is the prominence of Enchantress, Ragman, Nightshade and Blue Devil in these scenes. They have one connection to Nightmaster: They are all former members of the magical superhero team known as Shadowpact.

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Shadowpact was DC's last superhero team before the New 52 relaunch in 2011. Created by Bill Willingham in 2005, the group consisted of Nightmaster, Detective Chimp, Blue Devil, Enchantress, Ragman and Nightshade. Though the book only lasted 25 issues, the group was a prominent fixture of the DCU through the mid-to-late aughts. Unfortunately, the end of DC continuity made it unlikely that Shadowpact would ever be seen again.

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