The 10 Most Powerful Members Of Justice League Dark, Ranked

Ranking the most powerful members of Justice League Dark can be pretty tough. Especially since there have been so many individuals who have joined, and continue to join the team since it was introduced. Magic in the DC Universe is incredibly powerful and is often used in very interesting and ingenious ways. So ranking power on magical strength alone is virtually impossible given the spikes of power characters get from story to story. What matters most is consistency in power level, ingenuity, and influence on the magical world. Based on these factors, here are the ten most powerful members of Justice League Dark, ranked.

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10 Shade, The Changing Man

Created by Steve Ditko in the late 1970s, Shade, the Changing Man, is a character who has only recently begun to be reintegrated with the larger DC Universe. For a number of years, Shade was strictly found in the pages of his Vertigo book. Shade recently made his way back to the DC Universe through Flashpoint.

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Rac Shade is a former resident of the world of Meta who utilizes an artifact called the M-Vest. This artifact generates forcefields and alters how reality is seen through a variety of factors include Shade's own mental state. Shade spent an early part of his Justice League Dark run serving as a recruiter for Madame Xanadu. Already traumatized by the loss of his lover, Kathy, Shade does not remain on the team long as he is haunted by deformed visions of her.

9 Zauriel

The New 52 changed the origins of Zauriel from the original history developed by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. Zauriel post-new 52 is a guardian angel of the Phantom Stranger, as established in Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #13.

Zauriel, as an angel, has a host of powerful magical abilities. This includes the power of flight, a sonic scream, and a mental connection to the realm of Heaven. Zauriel teamed up with Justice League Dark during 2015/2016's Forever Evil crossover storyline. Zauriel and Justice League Dark sought to defeat the Blight, a manifestation of all mankind's sin. Zauriel later died from injuries sustained in the battle but is reborn in Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #21 and #22.

8 Etrigan The Demon

Etrigan the Demon is a demon bound to the form of Jason Blood, a former peasant in the kingdom of Camelot. Etrigan was bound to Jason by Merlin who sought to control the unstable demon. Over the centuries the pair of Etrigan and Jason had reached an uneasy alliance, often fighting on the side of good. The character was originally created by Jack Kirby, but as with many of these characters on this list, his past was altered via the New 52.

Etrigan has a great many powers due to his demonic nature, including immortality and Hellfire breath. His form is limited, however, as he must return to Hell to recharge. Not to be outdone, Jason Blood, Etrigan's host, is one of the most knowledgable magical minds around. Their duo found themselves working with Justice League Dark not in the comics, but in other media. The duo was particularly key in the animated Justice League Dark film and were also members of the team in the Injustice 2 videogame.

7 Phantom Stranger

The recent reinvention of the Phantom Stranger makes him one of the Trinity of Sin. Prior to becoming Phantom Stranger, he was implied to be Judas Iscariot, the man who sold out Jesus Christ to the Romans, as of the New 52. He is capable of seemingly impossible powers including teleportation, energy projection, and just about any other magical ability that can be thought of, with no revealed upper limits to his powers over the years. most of the time, however, Phantom Stranger is used for his omniscience and serves as a guide to others, claiming that he is unable to act himself.

Phantom Stranger makes his Justice League Dark appearance in volume 1, issue #14. He enters the story to warn John Constantine of a coming conflict that will play out over the future.

6 Deadman

Boston Brand was a circus acrobat who was murdered by an assassin during a performance. Rather than going to Heaven or Hell, Boston Brand found himself held between the two by the entity Rama Kushna. Boston, as Deadman, utilizes his powers as a ghost for mobility, stealth, and possession. He is able to control the actions of others and generally leaves them unaware of what had transpired during the time. It is quite the power.

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Deadman served as a founding member of Justice League Dark. He was involved early on in the defense and rescue of June Moone, who had become separated from the entity known as the Enchantress in issue #3 of volume 1.

5 Madame Xanadu

Madame Xanadu, also known as the Arthurian Nimue, is one of the oldest members of the DC magical community and one of the most connected to the mystical energies woven throughout the universe. She first appeared in the Doorway to Nightmare anthology series and continues to appear in other stories. She is gifted with incredible powers and is one of the strongest magical figures in the DC Universe. She is particularly known for her usage of tarot cards in prediction.

Madame Xanadu kicks off the action for the origins of Justice League Dark due to a terrible premonition. She recruits several of the members of the team to help deal with the threat of the rogue Enchantress. Things do not go well, however, when it is revealed Xanadu was responsible for the separation of the Enchantress and Moone, to begin with. The team is forced to reconverge after their own terrible visions of an uncertain future in issue #6 of volume one.

4 Zatanna

Zatanna Zatara made her first comic appearance in Hawkman #4 clear back in 1964. Daughter of the famous magical adventurer Giovanni Zatara, Zatanna exhibits incredible powers and feats of magic. She is also a famous stage magician as well, making her a public face for the magical community like few members can. She is famous for needing to recite her magic backward, verbally, and can be severely weakened if gagged. Despite this, Zatanna is a true powerhouse and also a figure the public could turn to. That should not be overlooked.

Zatanna, a member of the Justice League by the events of Justice League Dark, is one of the first to get involved after the Enchantress begins her magical rampage. She left the magical team for a time, but by issue #30 she had returned and assumed leadership of it.

3 Constantine

John Constantine, first introduced in the pages of Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, is one of the roughest and dirtiest dabblers in the arcane around. John does not get along well with others and is generally not quick to jump up and do the right thing in comparison to some of the other members of the team. Yet, he is quite possibly the foundation of Justice League Dark. Constantine's abilities range from top-tier magical powers to detective skills on par with those of Batman, to a collection of magical trinkets and paraphernalia. He's an antisocial weapon of incredible power.

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John served as one of the founding members of the team in volume one. In volume three, he is tasked by Steve Trevor of A.R.G.U.S. to assemble a new magical team to take down Felix Faust.

2 Swamp Thing

The Swamp Thing made his first post-New 52 appearance in Swamp Thing Vol. 5 #1. Once only Alec Holland, the Swamp Thing is the champion of The Parliament of Trees and the defender of the Green. Because of this, Swamp Thing has a literal connection to all plant-life in the known universe and fights to defend the growth of life from any that mean it harm. Swamp Thing is perhaps the most powerful being who has been part of Justice League Dark.

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Swamp Thing joined the team in the first issue of the 2018 ongoing series after eavesdropping on a conversation between magical figures at Wintersgate Manor. He was later visited by Zatanna while observing the Tree of Wonder in Salem where the pair learn of the threat of the Otherkind.

1 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman needs no real introduction, but something that gets lost in the shuffle is that she is a being born of magic. This makes her a perfect addition to a magical-based team and that is just what happens in the 2018 Justice League Dark ongoing series. She is not known for exhibiting magical powers, but she has her famous equipment and super powers. Why Wonder Woman is the most powerful member of Justice League Dark is her influence, leadership, and the legitimacy she brings to the team.

Diana made a big splash in the new series when she took on the role of leader for the new team, recruiting the likes of Detective Chimp and Man-Bat to investigate deceased and mutilated spellcasters. It is discovered that the source of all magic wants to take magic back, but thanks to an enchantment placed upon her by Hecate, Wonder Woman is able to repel the initial incursion.

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