DC's Most Powerful Magical Villain Secretly Lurks Under Everyone's Nose

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Justice League Dark #15 by James Tynion IV, Alvero Martinez Bueno, Raul Fernandez and Brad Anderson, on sale now.

The Justice League Dark was created to handle magical threats that the main lineup could not normally handle. That has led them to confrontations with the Otherkind, Hecate and the Lords of Order. Over the course of these adventures, they have run into magical items too dangerous to be left alone.

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Desperate for a solution to Circe's rise to power, Wonder Woman reveals a secret she has kept from the other members of her team. There was a reason she designed the Justice League Dark's headquarters to be under the Hall of Justice. She added a hidden chamber below that holds the most dangerous magical items in the DC Universe.

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Diana reveals the existence of this secret vault in Justice League Dark #15, not because she trusts her teammates, but because she needs their help. She takes them to one of the single most dangerous artifacts in existence, which she needs to confront Circe. But have things gone too far?


Wonder Woman takes Zatanna and Kent Nelson down into the depths of the Hall of Justice so they can help her find Circe. On the way, they must go through a vault containing all the dangerous objects the Justice League has gathered. While many of the items are not named, there are a few that are easily recognizable.

Diana makes reference to the Spear of Destiny, Crystal Ball of Merlin and the demon-killing gun, Ace of Winchesters. We can also plainly see that Bloodwynd's Blood Gem and the magical girdle of Hercules are held there. Other objects in the background resemble the Red Jar of Calythos from the Demons Three, Hell's Crown of Horns and Pandora's (skull-shaped) Box.

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Following the defeat of the Lords of Order, Wonder Woman also secret stored all their mantles in the vault. Both the Helmet of Nabu and the Cloak of Cyra are seen in the chamber. Since neither Kent Nelson nor Khalid Nassour wanted to take up the helmet, keeping Nabu under lock and key was the only sensible thing to do.


Unfortunately, things take a very dark turn from here. Nabu is not the only dangerous entity being held underneath the Hall of Justice. Diana leads her teammates into a subterranean cavern that holds the Black Diamond of Eclipso. It's possible the Justice League has kept him imprisoned since the events of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

As it turns out, she needs the villain's help to reach Circle. Nelson and Zatanna are able to use Eclipso's connection to the Moon to send her to Circe's place of power, where she can finally confront the villainess once and for all. It's an incredibly dangerous plan that manages to work out, but it's hard to say how long it will be before things go wrong.

This issue also saw the destruction of Swamp Thing and Man-Bat's transformation into a monster. Everything is going wrong for Justice League Dark, and adding a dangerous wild card like Eclipso feels like a bad idea. It's probably only a matter of time before the Black Diamond falls into the wrong hands and this secret vault of dangerous artifacts is misused.

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