Justice League Dark's Greatest Foe May Have JSA Ties

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Justice League Dark #2 by James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Raul Fernandez and Brad Anderson, on sale now.

The Justice League Dark is up against a dangerous, unknown threat called the Otherkind. They are a group of magical creatures who are purported to be the original owners of magic, until mankind stole it from them and used it for their own means. Now the Otherkind, led by the Upside Down Man, is returning to take back what is rightfully theirs.

As if this threat wasn't bad enough, the Justice League Dark must also navigate the inaction of the magical community, the possibility of Swamp Thing's betrayal for a chance at retirement and an ancient sorcerer's disturbing perception of right and wrong. All this leads to circumstances that couldn't possibly get more dire than they already are.

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When it comes to the main threat in Justice League Dark #2, the ragtag group of magical heroes must go up against someone with longstanding ties to the Justice Society of America; a man they thought was their ally. But is it really Doctor Fate who aims to stop them in their tracks, or someone even more powerful and dangerous?

An Enemy Revealed in Disguise

Hoping to gain some important insight about the coming threat, the Justice League Dark head to the Tower of Fate. There, they meet with Doctor Fate, the preeminent magic user on Earth and an Agent of Order. Wonder Woman asks for an audience with Nabu, the Lord of Order who empowers Fate, and speaks with him through his helmet. The only problem is, as the team soon finds out, that not everything is as it seems and Fate is not who he says.

Instead of Kent Nelson under the helmet, it is revealed that Nabu himself has taken over the sorcerer's body. To make matters worse, he's not too happy to see opponents of the Otherkind. Nabu is the one who is responsible for bringing the Otherkind back to Earth. The issue ends with Fate summoning the Upside Down Man, leaving Wonder Woman and Zatanna to face their fate.

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In order to explain what is happening, you must understand the nature of Chaos and Order in the DC Universe. Each force is controlled by Lords of Chaos and Order, who send out agents to do their bidding. By its very nature, magic is a form of chaos, and, since the events of Justice League: No Justice, magic has been completely out of control. Nabu is charged with the implementation of Order over the world. To save it, he reasons he must destroy magic.

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