Yes, Justice League's Big Screen Cyborg Is A [REDACTED]

Cyborg's already headed to the big screen -- why not make The CW his home as well?

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains potential spoilers for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and the upcoming "Justice League" film.

Remember that scene from "Batman v Superman" where we saw a Mother Box creating Cyborg? As it turns out, the Mother Box didn't simply give Vic Stone a new body -- the Mother Box is Cyborg's body.

The footage, one of three classified pieces of video sent by Batman to Wonder Woman, showed Vic's father, frustrated at his inability to save his son. As Vic's body (or what remains of it) hangs in the background, we see his dad manage to activate a Mother Box, which then proceeds to create a new body for the soon-to-be Justice Leaguer. While many viewers read this scene as the Mother Box creating a body for Vic, some fans held a theory that it was becoming his body. Now, an article in the latest issue of "Total Film" (via Reddit) has confirmed that theory.

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"Not unlike the [Marvel Cinematic Universe's] Infinity Stones, the League will be chasing a trio of MacGuffins -- the powerful Mother Boxes -- which were sent to our world and ended up in the possession of the Atlanteans, the Amazonians and mankind," the article explains. "The location of two remains a mystery. But we already know what happened to mankind's Mother Box -- it's seen imbuing Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, with his incredible abilities in 'BvS.'"

Check out the full article and revisit the origin scene, both of which are embedded below.

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