JLArt: 15 Insane Pieces Of Justice League Concept Art

After years and years of begging and hoping, DC Comics fans can finally sleep tight knowing that their favorite superhero team at last had its live-action big screen debut. While it may not have been the perfect movie, Justice League is most certainly a step in the right direction for the DC Extended Universe. Not everything comes down to opinions of fancy critics and Rotten Tomatoes scores. The Justice League movie marks a momentous achievement and an important stepping stone for the future of the DCEU. And despite its imperfections, Justice League really does have something for everyone.

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But now that we've finally seen Snyder's Justice League and had time to analyze it, discuss it, find all the easter eggs, plot holes and mistakes, as well as count all the things it did wrong and right, it is time to take a step back and see how the concept art compares to what we actually saw on the big screen. The concept art for Justice League gave us a pretty good idea about what to expect from the movie. We got to see the costumes, the villains as well as Batman's vehicles. Today, we take a look at 15 insane pieces of Justice League concept art.


A little over a year ago we got our first look at DCEU’s Justice League concept art revealing the entire team. While the Trinity had already made their first appearance and Ezra Miller’s Flash had a brief cameo, this was our introduction to Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. Now, obviously, this is not the same team we saw in the movie.

Aquaman’s look has been upgraded a little bit, while Cyborg and Flash look basically nothing like the concept art. And in case you hated Cyborg's CGI look, just keep in mind that we can always go back to this. As for Flash, the concept art showcases a more traditional look for the Scarlet Speedster. And we must say we would have preferred to see this suit in the movie.


We might have to wait till December next year for Aquaman’s solo movie, but at least we got to see bits and pieces of Atlantis in Justice League. Located in North Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis is home to one of the core members of Justice League, Aquaman. The underwater world of Atlantis is filled with wonders and looks absolutely stunning.

Several amazing pieces of concept art for the Justice League movie showcased breathtakingly beautiful designs for Atlantis, as well as Aquaman and Mera. Atlantis looks mighty impressive all clad in blue. Say what you want about Aquaman, but he has the most beautiful home. Although, now that Momoa took over the part, we doubt that the King of Atlantis will remain the butt of every joke.


Bruce Wayne is not one to take his enemies lightly. Like a true boy scout, Bruce is always prepared to tackle whatever may come his way. Not surprisingly, after being warned of Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons, Bruce recognized the need for more powerful weapons. With that in mind, he outfitted his vehicles with cool new weapons and gadgets able to fend off the pestilent Parademons.

The Nightcrawler, in particular, proved to be very useful in the fight against the alien invaders. Batman’s new four-legged tactical assault vehicle comes equipped with Gatling guns powerful enough to tear through Parademon’s armor and flesh. This beautiful piece of concept art demonstrates the Nightcrawler’s sheer power against the vicious alien invaders as well as its incredibly cool design.


Gotham City is easily one of the most recognizable fictional cities. It’s unique architectural style and grim atmosphere make Gotham a one-of-a-kind city. According to the comic book mythos, the foundations for the city were laid by Bruce Wayne’s great-great-great-grandfather Solomon Wayne and architect Cyrus Pinkney. Gotham was imagined almost as a living organism designed to fight against evil.

Gargoyles, common decorative pieces that adorn a number of Gotham’s buildings, are intended to frighten people onto the path of righteousness. Spoiler alert, didn’t work. But Gotham’s unique and gorgeous architecture is not easy to replicate in live-action media. That being said, DCEU’s Gotham looks mighty impressive. This conceptual piece gives us a glimpse into Batman’s conversation with Commissioner James Gordon and Gotham’s infamous gargoyles.


Personal troops of the notorious Darkseid, Parademons, were enlisted by Steppenwolf during his attempt to invade planet Earth. Bruce Wayne was warned about Steppenwolf and Parademons by the future Flash and took it upon himself to put together a team of superheroes to fend off the alien invaders. Now, his newly founded Justice League must work together to defend the Earth.

From trailers alone, you could tell that Justice League’s action sequences will look pretty amazing and they indeed did. In fact, the action scenes were even praised by the critics. The fight against Parademons looked awesome and was immensely fun to watch. This piece of concept art shows the Parademons attacking the Batmobile while Wonder Woman and Cyborg try to fight them off.


Inspired by Superman’s selfless sacrifice and driven by newfound faith in humanity, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of Diana Prince to recruit a team of superheroes to stand united against a newly awakened threat, Steppenwolf. The extraordinary team of heroes -- Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash -- must save the planet, but first Bruce needs to get all of them in one place.

In order to transport his new friends around the world, Bruce Wayne had to upgrade his method of transportation. Hence, the gigantic plane called the Flying Fox. The concept art depicts the heroes of Justice League getting on the plane and we can see exactly how big this vehicle is. One thing is certain, picking up your friends for a night out never looked this cool.


After Victor Stone’s body was almost completely destroyed in an accident, his father managed to save his son's life using alien technology and turning him into Cyborg. While Cyborg was previously associated with Teen Titans, ever since DC’s New 52 he’s been a full-fledged member of the Justice League.

Cyborg was the last member of the Justice League movie to be announced. Ever since first footage was released, it was obvious to everyone that Cyborg’s going to be a predominantly CGI creation, which did not sit well with the fans. Although his appearance is pretty faithful to the comics. However, this concept art gives us three slightly different, and arguably better, versions of Cyborg. Frankly, we would have preferred either to the one we got in the movie.


DC fans have been pleading for a Justice League movie for as long as there have been superhero movies. Originally envisioned as a two-part project, Zack Snyder’s Justice League was officially announced back in 2014. While we had to wait another three years for the film to finally come out in theaters, we did get to see some concept art pretty early, followed by a number of promotional photos.

However, early concept art can be misleading and include stuff and characters that don't even make it into the movie. On this signed piece of Justice League concept art, dated October 23rd, 2015, we can see Batman’s Crawler surrounded by water with our heroes standing on top of the spider-like vehicle. Luckily, the Crawler made its way into the movie and looked insanely good.


Ezra Miller’s been taking on a lot of heat ever since he’s been cast as Barry Allen in the DC Extended Universe. Due to Grant Gustin’s critically acclaimed, almost-four-year run as Barry Allen on The CW’s The Flash, Miller has some pretty big shoes to fill. To everyone’s surprise and delight, Miller seems to be doing a very good job and his Flash is in fact rather similar to Gustin’s, and at the same time distinctive enough.

Reportedly, the DCEU Flash will have the same background story as The CW’s Flash. But, even that similarity has become a point of contention. We already know that Miller’s Barry is attending the Central City College for criminal science. And in the concept art above, he kind of looks very much like Gustin’s Barry.


The Bat may have been a big enough ride for Christian Bale’s Batman to transport himself, but Ben Affleck’s Batman needs a much more spacious vehicle if he’s going to be flying the entire Justice League around the world. Thankfully, this billionaire playboy has no shortage of awesome flying vehicles, one of which is the Flying Fox.

The massive Flying Fox was named after one of the largest bats and designed by production designer Patrick Tatopoulos. According to the designer, the newest Bat-plane has three stories and the bottom part alone can fit three Batmobiles, which makes the Flying Fox Batman’s largest flying vehicle yet. We caught glimpses of Batman’s impressive plane in the trailers but this concept art showed it off in all of its glory for the first time.


DCEU’s latest installment Justice League is fresh off the boat and opinions, as always, are divided. While the critics mostly panned the movie citing, among other things, the lame villain Steppenwolf. The fans, on the other hand, seem to mostly have enjoyed the movie, especially the fun and action parts. Although, they too have reservations when it comes to Steppenwolf.

What most seem to agree on is that Steppenwolf’s CGI look was a complete disappointment. As one reviewer pointed out, the CGI for Steppenwolf was good enough for a video game but not for a $300-million movie. Which is why it makes us sad seeing what Steppenwolf could have looked like. The concept art for Justice League’s big bad offers a different take on the supervillain.


As much as we love Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, there are some departments in which it could have and should have done better. Batman’s gadgets and vehicles fall within this category. While Christian Bale’s Batmobile had stellar capabilities, it looked like a monstrous and bulky miniature tank. In comparison, Affleck’s Batmobile is a vast improvement.

The Batmobile comes equipped with an array of weapons and gadgets -- including, but not limited to machine guns, missile racks and a harpoon launcher. But in spite of being heavily armored and outfitted to fight Parademons, this Batmobile doesn’t look bulky. This piece of concept art gives us a pretty good look at Batman’s upgraded Batmobile. And after seeing this bad boy in action, we love it even more.


Batman’s new ride, the Nightcrawler is a very impressive vehicle. Bruce Wayne’s four-legged tank is able to walk and maneuver its way across and through multiple different types of terrain. The Nightcrawler was able to make its way through a complex underground tunnel while the Justice League was fighting Parademons.

The Nightcrawler did not receive its name for naught, this impressive vehicle is able to pierce into surfaces with its legs in order to climb up walls and hang from roofs. On top of that, it is equipped with all kinds of weapons. The concept art for Batman’s Nightcrawler looks mind-blowing and the live-action version did not disappoint. Justice League is far from being a perfect movie, however, Batman’s gadgets and vehicles are out of this world.


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was a highly controversial movie. Apart from splitting the fanbase between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, the movie also divided opinions on almost every aspect. While some are willing to defend it till their dying breath, others will nitpick at its every little detail to prove that the movie was an utter disaster.

But no matter what side of the argument you're on, it is undeniable that if Batman v. Superman did one thing right it has to be Batman’s vehicles and gadgets. The Batmobile was simply put a beast. And, at the same time, it looked amazing. This early concept art shows the sketch for Batman’s number one ride as well as a number of upgrades fresh for Justice League.


DCEU’s The Flash has been a point of contention ever since his announcement. First, it was Ezra Miller, who isn’t blond and looks nothing like Barry Allen. Then, it was the suit, which kind of looks like an armor. And lastly, it was the character itself, who seems to be very similar to The CW’s Flash. However, now that we finally got to see Ezra’s Flash in action, we must say he was a real scene-stealer.

But speaking of the suit, here’s a rather similar concept for the Flash’s costume illustrated by artist Ian Joyner. While this suit resembles the one from the movie, it appears to be tighter and smoother. The concept art perfectly captured the aesthetic of the high-grade polymer and the intricacy of the metallic wiring.

Which unused design do you wish made it into the movie? Let us know in the comments!

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