Justice League's Children Must Kill A Parent to Prevent the Future


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Bryan Hitch and Fernando Pasarin’s Justice League #28, on sale now.

The mystery of the Justice League’s children from the future has been heating up in the pages of Bryan Hitch and Fernando Pasarin’s Justice League series and the most recent issue really dove into who each of the kids are and what their relationship was like with their superhero parents.

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However, as much as the kids love and respect the people who are destined to one day sire them, they care just as much — if not more — about the state of their home in the future. This, and the surprising revelation about the villain responsible for their apocalyptic reality, may lead to the two teams clashing in as the story heads towards its climax.

Family Values

The majority of the issue focuses on the alone time each of the kids spends with their parents and features a number of touching vignettes as the Justice League grapples with the concept of one day having kids who are superheroes themselves. Superman already has a superhero son in Superboy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own questions for Hunter Prince, Wonder Woman’s son whom she abandoned and left to be raised by the Kents at some point in the future.

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Hunter is welcomed into the Kents home, where he tells them as much as he can about the coming future, and bonds with Jon Kent, who is technically his older brother. When it comes time to say goodnight, however, Clark presses Hunter for the facts as to what happened to Jon and Lois in his home timeline, and Hunter reveals that they died against the growing darkness which ruined his world. Superman, ever the optimist, promises Hunter that they will find a way to defeat The Darkness and save the future, a promise that Clark Kent may later regret making.


Elsewhere, Eldora Curry struggles with the existential idea that she is not yet the daughter of Aquaman and Mera and that she may in fact never be, if they successfully save the future. Her one-day mother Mera comforts her and assures her that whatever is to come in the future, today they are mother and daughter and that’s all the matters for right now. Meanwhile, Cyborg has taken his son George AKA Cube to STAR Labs to run some tests with his own father, but encourages to distant scientist to spend some time getting to know his own grandson, and though Silas Stone is more concerned with the technology that keeps Box running, Cyborg embraces the chance to bond with his son.

The Flash and Green Lantern have perhaps the strangest situation of all as Barry and Jessica have learned that not only do they also have children from the future, but they have children from the future together. As Jason and Jenny sleep, glowing with the blue light of hope for the first time that anyone can remember, Barry bonds with his speedster daughter Cruise, who falls asleep on his chest. While the pair are not presented as a couple outside of Hitch's Justice League, here we see Flash and Green Lantern seem almost content at the idea of starting a family together, opening up numerous possibilities for other writers to explore in the future.

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