Deleted Justice League Still From Snyder's Cut Features a Key BvS Easter Egg

In the DC Films, one of the biggest debates will continue to be over how Zack Snyder's Justice League would have looked had he been able to finish the film. Joss Whedon took over post-production, as well as reshoots, with the majority of fans not taking too kindly to the end product.

With the DCEU then moving on without him, Snyder has since released a slew of deleted scenes and images from the movie, and we now have another still that boasts a huge Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Easter egg.

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In a shot featuring Ben Affleck suited up as Batman and Jeremy Irons' Alfred holding Congress, we can see the mechanical suit the Dark Knight wore to fight Henry Cavill's Superman in 2015. The armored suit can be seen bearing the damage from the brawl, which leaves fans wondering just where this would have fit into Snyder's film.

Some are even wondering if it could have been repurposed and used in the League's fight against Steppenwolf and his Parademons. This comes in the wake of fans calling for a Snyder cut of the film, even petitioning for it, with the director posting several other images, such as Cyborg's backstory, to tease those who wanted more of his gritty vision.

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Instead, the final cut spliced in a lot of humor, not to mention Cavill's mustache dilemma, leaving moviegoers wondering what could have been, although the Man of Steel himself admitted it wouldn't make a difference.

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