Justice League, Batman, Mutant X, Blade: February 24th Comic Reel Wrap


Comics2Film interviewed voice actress Maria Canals, who portrays Hawkgirl on the Cartoon Network series. As we've reported previously here on the Comic Reel, we have it on good authority that a major female character is going to die, and Canals gives you a hint as to which one it will be.


USA Today has a tidbit from "The Last Samurai" actor Ken Watanabe, who "revealed that he is up for one of two roles in the next Batman film, one a major villain." That backs up theories that Watanabe could become Ra's Al Ghul, which is a meatier role than that of Ubu.

Meanwhile, Cinescape has a spy report saying "Dennis Quaid is 'close' to being signed for the part of Jim Gordon, the Gotham City beat cop that will one day become police commissioner. Gordon has an important role to play in the picture. One might even say that fate will deal him -- and subsequently the Dark Knight -- a card that sets the course for their future and that of Gotham City." They also note the title may become "Batman Begins," claim that "the Batmobile will be big and bulky, like an urban tank," and a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne will hand out beatings in a Tibetan palace.

In other Bat-news, German site Batman-News.de caught Christian Bale in the German magazine Bunte, talking about his new film The Machinist. He talked briefly about the Bat (hear it yourself in Windows Media format), saying "I think Batman is probably more aggresive than most everybody I've ever played, you know. I wanted to take it, because, firstly, when I heard that there was a consideration of doing more of the movies, I just felt like I hadn't been quite satisfied with what I'd seen in the other movies. Certainly in the last two. And it seemed as though there was actually a real character here, that it wasn't just a bland kind of superhero, one-dimensional. With him there really was an interesting character to be played. I loved the kind of fantastical notion of the superhero, but at the same time being able to bring a psychologically interesting element to that. And then Chris Nolan is directing who, you know, is not a director I would have expected to do this movie. So that was ideal to me, I liked the fact that the people hiring Chris, hiring myself, were going with people who did want to reinvent the story and have it not just be a continuation."


Ready for images and spoilers from this week's episode, "Divided Loyalties," written by Elizabeth Keyishian and David S. Wilks and directed by Richard Flower? Well, of course Comics Continuum has it for you.


Comics Continuum also has an update with images on this Sunday's new episode, "Teen Rising," premiering on Cartoon Network. The network describes the episode as follows: "Terra returns with the intention of becoming a full-fledged member of the team, but after what happened the last time, everyone has doubts. Raven has the most apprehension, but Robin reminds her that everyone deserves a second chance."


Upcoming Horror Movies has photos from the Wesley Snipes-fueled sequel (along the right side of the page) including new ones of Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King, saying, "it looks as though he might've gotten a beating."

Look for an interview with "Blade: Trinity" director David Goyer later this week on CBR.


Latino Review interviews director Guillermo del Toro, who says most interestingly that he was offered "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" before eventual director Alfonso Cuaron took on the project (" ... which is actually very good in terms of realizing the way Latino filmmakers are regarded," del Toro said), but turned it down due to his passion for "Hellboy."


Can't get enough wholesome Kansas goodness? Titan Publishing is releasing a "Smallville Yearbook," and Kryptonsite has a sneak peek at it, including the Lana/Clark/Lex cover and the Diamond exclusive which features the whole cast. Their bitter rivals over at Devoted to Smallville posted TV Guide scans of a blurb and an ad for the March 3rd episode, "Crisis."


Yahoo! Movies has posted low and high resolution versions of the trailer (5.2 and 19 megabytes respectively, so be patient).


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