Justice League, AvP, Batman, Planet Terry: Comic Reel Wrap for December 31st


Comics Continuum reports that George Eads ("CSI") will give voice to Captain Atom on an episode this season. He joins soap star Kin Shriner (Green Arrow) and Fred Savage and Jason Hervey (Hawk and Dove), among a score of other spandex-clad guests. It is rumored that the episode starring Captain Atom will be written by Warren Ellis, which we first reported on November 28.


Comingsoon.net visited the Prague set of the Sanaa Lathan-starring combo prequel and has posted the first part of their series of articles about the experience. Warning: it considers a large number of spoilers, but the set report casts aspersions on the veracity of earlier negative reports (from Ain't It Cool News) about "ill fitting Predators costumes."


Superherohype reports that the suits at Warner Brothers Pictures are covering all of its bases, and has registered a slew of URLs in preparation for the new film, including BatmanIntimidation.com, BatmanIntimidation.net, Batman-Intimidation.com and Batman-Intimidation.net


The Hollywood Reporter noted that New Line Cinema has contracted Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul ("Santa Clause 2," "Bubble Boy") to adapt the Rob Liefeld comic book property. The "buddy sci-fi action comedy" was originally intended as an online comic series, and was acquired by New Line in July.


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