Justice League's Next Arc Sets the Stage for DeConnick's Aquaman Run

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The repercussions from DC Comics' Dark Nights: Metal event are leaving a lasting impact on many of the publisher's titles, with the Source Wall's destruction unleashing new forces in the DC Universe. Writer Scott Snyder, who also penned Metal, is continuing many of those plot points in Justice League, with Aquaman's incoming writer Kelly Sue DeConnick doing the same when she begins on the title.

Snyder revealed his next Justice League arc in Issue #10 with artist Francis Manapul, titled "Drowned Earth," will be Aquaman-focused and bring in the Sea Gods that will come to play a part in DeConnick’s run on Aquaman’s solo series.

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The news came during DC’s Justice League panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The official numbering and publication dates for DeConnick’s take over are yet to be announced, but her story is set to be a reexamination of the character’s roots. DC co-publisher Jim Lee described the story as a closer look at Arthur Curry’s relationship with his absent mother and the issues that particular hole in his life have created for him. Arthur will be waking up on a mysterious deserted island populated by “sea gods” who have been thrown out or otherwise forgotten by the world that once worshipped them.

The Justice League recently battled giant space gods from the Source Wall in the weekly series, Justice League: No Justice.

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