Will Snyder's Justice League Tackle Johns' 'Rise of the Seven Seas' Storyline?


Aquaman might not be appearing in Justice League: No Justice, but he'll be a part of Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung and Jorge Jimenez's Justice League ongoing. What's more, according to the writer, the second arc of their series will feature a major storyline starring DC's premier underwater superhero.

Since the live-action Aquaman film is set to hit theaters in December, having a storyline focus on the character this fall sounds like perfect timing. And if DC needs the story to be big, what could be bigger than the long lost "Rise of the Seven Seas" storyline Geoff Johns had planned years ago?

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From 2011 to 2014, Johns and Ivan Reis worked hard to make Aquaman cool again. The crowning achievement of their run was supposed to be an epic storyline called "Rise of the Seven Seas" -- however, outside of some teaser art in one of the issues, the story never saw print. By 2014, he had left the title with issue #25 to start focusing on different comics and his job in film.

Back in 2015, Johns officially announced that he would be re-teaming with Reis and inker Joe Prado to finally tell the story. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of it. DC Comics soon changed focus in preparation for the Rebirth initiative, Johns found himself being pulled deeper into Hollywood and further from regular comics work, and the planned event was lost in the shuffle during the Rebirth relaunch.

Fast forward to now, and while Johns is teaming with Gary Frank on DC's Doomsday Clock, he's no closer to returning to writing monthly comics. Given how much he has coordinated with Scott Snyder in recent years, as they and other creators charted the future of the DCU through Metal and beyond, it's entirely possible that the once-planned Aquaman story could be incorporated into the new Justice League title. After all, according to the last update Johns gave on the project, "Rise of the Seven Seas" had evolved to become a big Justice League storyline.

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Of course, Snyder already teased his own Aquaman storyat the end of his and Greg Capullo's Dark Nights: Metal, where Atlantis is seen rising out of the water. While the solicitations for the current Aquaman series have yet to mention that tale, it seemed clear that it, and the other Metal finale teases were meant to be explored in various solo titles, with Justice League's teases geared very specifically toward the current No Justice miniseries and the team's upcoming relaunch.

It's entirely possible Snyder has devised his own Aquaman event, perhaps involving the magic at the center of the Earth, but everything seems to be pointing toward some form of "Rise of the Seven Seas" finally seeing print after all these years.

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