The Justice League's Biggest Hope Might Be Its Ultimate Destruction

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League #28, by James Tynion IV, Javier Fernandez, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, Hi-Fi and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

With Doom War descending on the DC Multiverse, the Justice League's big guns are desperately attempt to secure the tools they need to defeat Perpetua and her Apex Predator, Lex Luthor. J'onn J'onnz recently came across an army Lionel Luthor was trying to build, so along with the Monitor and World Forger, our heroes are indeed battening down the hatches.

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However, as much as they're receiving help from other worlds, they know it won't be enough unless they can recruit Perpetua's third son, the Anti-Monitor, to their side. Sadly, as Issue 28 reveals, what was once their greatest hope could well now be the League's ultimate destruction, as it appears the Anti-Monitor is going to wage his own war, which may well consume all realities.

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The League track him to Qward in the anti-matter pocket of the DCU, which for a long time was ruled by the Anti-Monitor. Krona's experiments and intrusive eye into creation gave rise to this world, and here, the Anti-Monitor's existence imbued fear as the heartbeat of Qward. That's why Sinestro flourished and forged his yellow ring of fear there, and why the Weaponers are some of the most notorious forgers in the galaxy.

But rather than find him there, the alliance discovers the weapon-makers slaughtered. His brothers want to know what happened, but it's clear the Anti-Monitor wanted to silence his minions after building something unique. It's not a matter of him being ungrateful or even ruthless; he simply doesn't want loose ends endangering his mission. The League wonders what could those workers have placed in jeopardy, and the Forger and Monitor confirm that, whatever it is, it's something big, important and powerful. Seeing as it may be driven by anti-matter, it's also a weapon that will most likely produce another crisis.

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Speculation is that he may have built a device to produce another anti-matter wave, as seen in 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths. There, he tried to consume all realities and rule the one that remained, so it could be that he's built another anti-matter weapon, this time to destroy his mother. What makes the League suspicious is that he leaves the bodies as a diversion for them, masking a warning (written in an ancient Maltusian code) for his brothers not to follow.

But while stopping Perpetua is important, the panic button has been hit, because no one knows to what extreme lengths the Anti-Monitor will go. His war could be at the expense of the Multiverse, and his brothers are worried now that they know so many worlds are at risk. Sure, anti-matter might be the key to killing Perpetua, Lex and whatever legion they have, but the collateral damage will be too great. That kind of plan won't fly with the heroes, which is most likely why the Anti-Monitor decided to go on his own.

Some have speculated that the Anti-Monitor is packing tuning forks, a throwback to Alexander Luthor in 2005's Infinite Crisis. Whatever his plan may be, his brothers are beginning to run out of ideas, as they can't track him, and with the League quickly losing hope, things go from bad to worse as they meet up with Lex's Legion of Doom.

Sinestro tries using his ultraviolet ring to disable John Stewart's Green Lantern forcefield, because if humans become exposed to anti-matter, they'll perish, while Cheetah and Grodd size up for battle. However, the Forger teleports them out, admitting that this time, retreating is the best course of action. As it stands, they'll need all hands on deck and must focus on the bigger picture: finding the Anti-Monitor before he does something he, and everyone else alive, will come to regret.

Justice League #29 goes on sale Aug. 7.

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