Batman's Justice League of America Steps Aside for a Brand New Superhero Team

The end of the adventure has arrived, but just like Promethea told Caitlin Snow earlier in the book, "Even the end of the world is not the end of the world." There is always another story to be told, and the Justice Foundation is that story. This new iteration of the team will make the world a better place in ways that a group of vigilantes simply could never have envisioned. Finally, the true might of the Justice League is being harnessed for the good of the people.

The team unveils the newly rebuilt Secret Sanctuary, and announces it as a home for heroes. Superhero comics have long become a battle of good vs. evil while mostly ignoring the social and economic conditions that make these battles happen. However, as Frost puts it, "It's not just super-villains. Never has been." While we may have forgotten that fact, the Justice League of America has not, and it's now time for a change. There's not better place of the next step to take place than in Happy Harbor, the first headquarters of the Justice League, and the birthplace of the superhero.

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The group then unveils the Justice Foundation, a true evolution of the superhero game that puts the impossible abilities 0f these comic book characters to good use in the DCU. Instead of functioning as the latest superhero team, the Justice Foundation is described as a superhero think tank, one which will focus on developing advancements in medicine, technology and new concepts that will actually improve the state of the world today.

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It's long overdue that superheroes place their immense resources into public projects instead of new tech to fight crime on the streets. In a world that mimics our very real one, a reality filled with untrustworthy tech companies more interested in growing wealth than true innovation for the greater good, the Justice Foundation is determined to open the world up to becoming something better. It's an idea that is currently missing in our world. It's the hope that a better tomorrow starts today

We don't know if the Justice Foundation will be a recurring group seen throughout the DC Universe. There is no title to showcase them in (yet), and considering they won't be fighting any bad guys, it's probably not a concept that would sell. Still, it's a great addition to the DCU and a positive note for Orlando and to Petrus leave on. Who knows, the new Justice League seems to be more coordinated than any other iteration before them. We just may see this superhero workshop, or the fruits of their labor, before too long.

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