Justice League Action: Mongul Captures Joker in New Clip

The Joker may be the Clown Prince of Crime, but it's Mongul who has the last laugh in this new clip from Saturday's episode of "Justice League Action." Mark Hamill returns once again as the Joker, a character he first voiced nearly 25 years ago in the fan-favorite "Batman: The Animated Series."

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Warner Bros. Animation has released a synopsis for the episode, "Galaxy Jest," which was written by animation veteran Duane Capizzi:

When the Joker is abducted into space by Mongul in order to entertain his troops, the Justice League must recapture him before the Joker’s gas bomb detonates in Gotham City.

The intergalactic warlord Mongul is voiced by John DiMaggio, who's no stranger to the Joker: He voiced the Dark Knight's archnemesis in the  2010D C Universe Animated Movie "Batman: Under the Red Hood."

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Produced by Warner Bros. Animation veterans Butch Lukic and Alan Burnett, "Justice League Action" centers on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman as they team up with a wide array of DC superheroes -- from Supergirl and Shazam to John Constantine and Space Cabbie -- to face an equally eclectic mix of threats.

"Galaxy Jest" airs Saturday at 7:30 a.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

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