Batman Goes Full Professor X in Justice League #8 Sneak Peek

Following the conclusion of Scott Snyder's recent Justice League arc "The Totality," the writer has revealed a sneak peak at the next issue, which shows Batman going full-on Professor X with a high-tech wheelchair.

Snyder tweeted out a glimpse of Mikel Janin's interior art from issue #8, which shows the Dark Knight in all-new recovery armor as he and the rest of the League emerge from what seems to be some kind of portal. Batman had his legs and arms broken in issue #6 after Lex Luthor used his mystical cosmic doorknob to take him out as he tried to gain control of the Totality.

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Batman was last seen rocking a black armored suit (which doubles as a body cast) in the wake of the beat down, as he eventually played his part in stopping Lex from gaining control of the Totality, now revealed as a battery used to create universes. It remains to be seen how they will study it, as so far the energy source has stumped all the heroes, with the exception of the Flash.

Justice League #8 will see Snyder take a break, with James Tynion IV continuing to write interludes about how Lex went about recruiting new Legion of Doom members like Black Manta and Cheetah. Drawn by Janin, it goes on sale September 19.

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