Justice League #25's Epic Superman Moment was Inspired by Dragon Ball Z

In Justice League #25, the heroes continued to battle World Forger. As a depowered Superman floated through the black void, he was struck with the memories of his past. This moment of introspection turned out to be vital for Superman as he supercharged himself with the power of multiple suns and rocketed himself down to Earth. Superman slams into the World Forger with the force of a thousand suns.

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This moment was the climactic showdown of Justice League #25 and, according to artist Jorge Jiménez, this moment was inspired by a similar moment from Dragon Ball Z. Jiménez put the panels side by side on his Twitter, saying:

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"I want to THANK everyone for the support and the kind words about this shot. It's not just any page more, the whole superman scene is written for it. is a clear tribute to the manga that inspired me to start drawing and fight hard for what I believe in. #dragonball #justiceleague."

The Dragon Ball Z moment in question comes from the climactic showdown in the Cell Saga. This moment featured a battle-wounded Gohan performing a final Kamehameha with the assistance of his father, Goku. Together, father and son unleashed one final attack on the villainous Cell, saving the Earth from destruction.

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Superman and Goku have been compared for years because of their story parallels. Akira Toriyama seems to draw from many elements of Superman's story in his works, even creating a parody of The Man of Steel named "Suppaman" in his Dr. Slump series. The most recent Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, took even more inspiration from Superman and the story of Krypton. Now, it seems that it's The Man of Tomorrow taking a page out of Son Goku's book.

Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Jorge Jiménez, Justice League #25 wraps up "The Sixth Dimension" arc. Snyder's plans will continue in Justice League #26 by James Tynion and Javi Fernandez, which hits stores on June 19.

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