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Justice League: 15 Members Who WON’T Be In the Movie

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Justice League: 15 Members Who WON’T Be In the Movie

In “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” the moviemakers decided to pack several cameos into the film. Aside from the obvious inclusion of Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash, we also saw Carol Ferris, Jimmy Olsen, the KGBeast and a few others. It’s only natural to assume other characters will make an appearance during the upcoming “Justice League” movie.

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It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that we see hints and teases at characters like Green Arrow, Firestorm and the Atom, but what about the rest of the Justice League roster? It shouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that a few others show up, but over the long list of past members, there are bound to be a few superheroes that Warner Brothers isn’t about to touch anytime soon. These are the 15 Justice League members who definitely won’t be in the upcoming movie.


Plastic Man

Despite hanging around since the 1940’s, Plastic Man has never been much of a commercial success. He certainly has masses of fans and supporters, but bringing Eel O’Brian into the DC Extended Universe this soon is probably going to be a hard sell for DC and Warner. His popularity likely peaked in the 1990s when Grant Morrison added him to the Justice League in the pages of “JLA.” Despite that high-profile run, he never made good on it and fell back into obscurity.

While fans would certainly love to see someone like Plastic Man add a little fun to the movie universe, the character just wouldn’t fit into the current cinematic landscape. Plas is a high-energy, slapstick, colorful superhero, and Zack Snyder’s dark tones and serious atmosphere would never do him justice (no pun intended). He would also likely have to be tamed down to fit on the roster, and if you’re creating a serious Plastic Man, you might as well call him Elongated Manor not do him at all!


14. Bloodwynd Justice League

Bloodwynd’s time as a member of the Justice League was so forgettable that you might not even remember he was actually another superhero in disguise. After appearing for the first time in “Justice League America” #61, it is soon revealed that he was secretly the Martian Manhunter. This storyline is forever preserved in the “Death of Superman” storyline when he and the Justice League briefly fought Doomsday.

When the real Bloodwynd finally shows up, he isn’t even that good of a member of the Justice League. He refuses to help the team fight against the interdimensional terrorist known as Dreamslayer, and he chooses not to interfere against the alien invader known as Overmaster. It’s no surprise he disappeared from comics only a few years after his introduction. While the movie universe should be open to magic users, there are more prominent characters in line before him. It’s highly unlikely mainstream audiences would even recognize him in a cameo either, despite his fantastic look.


13. Congorilla Justice League

There is no way that DC includes a giant golden gorilla in any of their comic book movies; we say this knowing there was just another King Kong movie recently. Would it be awesome? Absolutely! But unfortunately, Zack Snyder is looking to marry the weirdness of comic books with a far more grounded reality. While they have been willing to include some bizarre concepts in the movies so far, this is just far too outrageous an idea to appear on the big screen.

Congorilla made his debut in 1940, and eventually gained the ability to temporarily transfer his mind into a gorilla. Over time, Congo Bill became permanently stuck inside the mind of the ape (after his own body died) and would go on to join the Justice League splinter group in “Justice League: Cry for Justice” before joining the main roster. If anything, we’re more likely to see a nod to the explorer Congo Bill, much in the same way Marvel introduced Klaw in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”


12. Mikaal Tomas Justice League

Another member of the “Justice League: Cry for Justice” team, Mikaal Tomas was introduced as the Starman of the 1970s before becoming wrapped up in James Robinson’s “Starman” comic book series of the ‘90s. The character was created in reference to David Bowie’s song “Starman” and is remembered fondly by fans. Robinson recently dusted him off during his run on “Justice League of America,” but this Starman is just too far out there for DC’s self-serious movies right now.

While it would be amazing to see an eccentric blue, gay alien on the screen next to Ben Affleck’s Batman, it’s incredibly unlikely to be in the cards this time around. If DC wants a bigger alien presence, they can lean more heavily on the Green Lanterns or introduce someone like Martian Manhunter. Mikaal Tomas would make for a great addition to the movie universe, but he’s a little too obscure for a mainstream movie like “Justice League.”


11. Green Arrow Conner Hawke

The existence of the Arrowverse makes Green Arrow’s movie status questionable. The CW was fine with introducing Superman in “Supergirl” and the movies had no problem recasting Barry Allen, so Green Arrow could show up eventually. Despite the inevitability of Oliver Queen in the DC Extended Universe, it’s doubtful we ever see his son Connor Hawke anywhere near this continuity.

In 1995, DC Comics decided to kill off Green Arrow and replace him with his son Connor Hawke. He went on to join the Justice League in his father’s place, and became a prominent member of the superhero community until the original Green Arrow returned. While “Arrow” used him well in a time traveling episode set in the future, Connor Hawke doesn’t have much of a place in “Justice League,” unless it’s in one of those Knightmare sequences that gives us a look into a future ruled by Darkseid.


10. Faith Justice League

Faith has no hope of ever showing up in a movie because her backstory was never fleshed out. Joe Kelly created her for his “Obsidian Age” storyline in the pages of “JLA,” where the team is defeated and a replacement Justice League is created. She joins Nightwing, the Atom, Green Arrow, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Etrigan and Major Disaster in a rescue mission through time. Faith proves to be incredibly powerful with telekinetic and psionic abilities.

Unfortunately, Kelly never got the chance to tell the origin story he clearly had in mind. Story threads were hinted at that established her as the former member of a black ops military group and that the US government was trying to recapture her. After Kelly left the book to take on “Justice League Elite,” Faith was shifted to the Doom Patrol before falling into obscurity. With no clear story about her life, there’s little reason to dust her off and take her down from the shelf for a movie.


9. General Glory Justice League

While it would be hilarious, DC Comics is not going to allow the “Justice League” movie to use a pastiche of Captain America. Joseph Jones fought for America in World War II, has super strength and is an Olympic-level athlete. His arch-nemesis is named Schmidt and his sidekick is named Ernie. Sound familiar? He was introduced during Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis’ time with the Justice League and was used as a joke regarding blind patriotism in a modern day context. He did prove to be the perfect foil to Guy Gardner, though.

This character obviously — and very unfortunately — has no place in the upcoming movie, unless it’s as some sort of cameo involving Wonder Woman in the 1940s. If the moviemakers decide to go back that far, they have many other characters they can choose from. Come to think of it, a Justice Society of America cameo would be an excellent thing to see.


8. Triumph Justice League

The story of Triumph is a weird one, and it is guaranteed not to receive even the smallest reference in “Justice League.” Introduced in “Justice League International” #67 in 1994, William MacIntyre was the original leader of the Justice League of America before he was displaced through time and forgotten by everyone who knew him. When he eventually resurfaced, he joined Justice League Task Force and attempted to continue his career as a hero. He eventually became a villain before being completely forgotten.

This one’s just not happening. In the trailers for the upcoming movie, we see Batman and Wonder Woman put together a team that includes Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. There’s no other dude named Triumph that no one has ever heard of before. Despite the presence of the Flash and time travel, this is one cameo that will not make it into this film. It might be wise to just ignore everything that happened in the ’90s at this point, much as it pains us to admit.


7. Aztek Justice League

One superhero who could actually fit quite nicely into the world of “Justice League” is Aztek. He was tasked with watching over the world until a dark god came to destroy it. That god proved to be the weapon known as Mageddon, a remnant of the Old Gods, the precursors to the New Gods. With a few changes, Aztek could fit right into the storyline. His powers are immense, and he would be the type of character that could alter the course of events if he were to be involved.

The only problem is that very few people remember him. Expected to be a new hero for the Millennium, “Aztek: The Ultimate Man,” by Mark Millar and Grant Morrison, only lasted 10 issues before cancellation. Morrison brought him into the Justice League, where he brought the character’s story to an end during the “World War III” story arc. It’s hard to see DC Comics embracing Morrison’s head-spinning New Gods concepts for the movie, so Aztek seems like a long shot.


Given the presence of the Enchantress in “Suicide Squad,” we know that the DC Extended Universe is open to including magic. If the Justice League is going up against a bunch of gods, they better be using at least some magic, to be honest. That being said, it’s hard to imagine the heroes of the “Justice League” movie coming to Doctor Fate for help when someone like Zatanna exists and has far stronger ties to the team.

Kent Nelson, the original Doctor Fate, helped to form Justice League International in the 1980s. No matter the incarnation of Doctor Fate you want to discuss, though, the character has always been more closely associated with the Justice Society of America than the Justice League of America. Fate surely fits in a movie that focuses more on the mystic realm of the universe, but it’s unlikely we see the golden helmet in a League-based flick.


5. Etrigan Justice League

Etrigan the Demon has been both friend and foe to the Justice League many times over. Created by the great Jack Kirby, he would no doubt have many fans eager to see him in live action. The introduction of Enchantress allows the DC Extended Universe access to a world of magic and mysticism, but what about demons from hell? That’s probably fine too to be honest.

As a demon bonded to the soul of a man, Etrigan offers access to a unique part of the DC Universe, but would the film writers go to this well in just the first “Justice League” film? There’s probably not enough room. A safer bet would be to expect him to show up in a sequel movie that deals with a magical threat. He was featured in the recent “Justice League Dark” animated movie, so including him in a live action adaptation would be amazing, but probably not on the cards for now.


4. Geo-Force Justice League

Geo-Force first joined the Justice League during Brad Meltzer’s run on “Justice League of America.” The title tried to bring in some new blood, but Brion Markov proved to be too obscure for anyone to care about. He was apparently so bad at being a member of the Justice League that the team actually transferred him to Batman’s newly reformed Outsiders. He’s had success with them, but his tenure with the League is beyond forgettable.

If DC Comics ever feels the need to show the perspective of a foreign country — like the MCU did with Sokovia and Wakanda in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” — Geo-Force would surely get the nod as king of the European nation Markovia. Adding him to any movie, however, would bring up questions about his more memorable sister Terra and about the existence of the Teen Titans. It’s these questions that might cause writers to ignore the character for now.


3. Vibe Justice League

Vibe is by far the most hated Justice League member of all time. Created in an attempt to add youth and diversity to the team, Vibe was seen as a racial stereotype by many. When DC Comics saw that the book was a failure, they killed him off and cancelled the first volume of “Justice League of America.” He ultimately became synonymous with the Justice League Detroit-era of the 1980s and spent nearly 30 years as the butt of everyone’s jokes about racial diversity in comics.

In recent years, the company has gone out of its way to try and redeem the character. Geoff Johns reintroduced him in 2013 for a short-lived “Justice League of America” book. Vibe even received his first solo series the following year. “The Flash” television show has done a wonderful job reinventing the character, but there can’t be many fans demanding Francisco Ramon get the big screen treatment.


2. Martian Manhunter

Since the New 52 reboot, it feels like DC Comics has done everything in its power to undermine the Martian Manhunter. The relaunch shoehorned Cyborg into the role of founding member of the Justice League and effectively removed J’onn J’onzz from the prominent position he once held. Despite stints in several splinter groups, Martian Manhunter hasn’t been part of the Justice League proper for years, and it doesn’t look like that will change in the upcoming movie.

Despite the team’s new origin only being a few years old, the moviemakers seem to have no problem using Cyborg in the group. While another alien presence on the team would be a welcome sight, it’s hard to see the writers embracing the Martian Manhunter when they already went so strongly against him in the first place. Even a cameo appearance would remind long-time fans of the changes they made and where J’onn J’onzz now sits in relation. They would probably rather ignore him altogether.


1. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

The studio can’t seem to decide whether or not the “Justice League” movie will include an appearance by Green Lantern. A “Green Lantern Corps” movie is slated for a 2020 release and it is rumored that Hal Jordan will make an appearance in the “Justice League” sequel. That means there probably won’t be anyone in the Corps showing up in the first film. This would obviously take Kyle Rayner out of the running for an appearance.

It might also be for the best if they ignore Rayner altogether because otherwise they might have to address how he became a Green Lantern in the first place. Rayner debuted as the last of the Green Lantern Corps after Hal Jordan went crazy and killed everyone as Parallax. Would they really go down that storyline or could they simply tweak everything to fit him in, like they did in the animated Superman series? Either way, it doesn’t seem likely that Kyle Rayner is making the jump to the big screen in the near future.

Are there any obscure Leaguers you think might make it to the big screen? Let us know in the comments!

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