Just in Time for Halloween -Fox Atomic Comics' "The Nightmare Factory"

In July 2006, Fox Atomic created a partnership with their sister company HarperCollins to publish and distribute branded graphic novels from Fox Atomic Comics. THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY (Harper Paperbacks/Fox Atomic Comics; $17.99; TP; ISBN 13: 9780061243530; on-sale: September 4, 2007), the third book to be released as part of this joint venture, is based on the work of Thomas Ligotti, a horror master for whom the New York Times coined the phrase "philosophical horror" to describe his groundbreaking work. With THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY, four of Ligotti's most terrifying stories are adapted by four distinct writer/artist teams.

In "The Last Feast of Harlequin," writer Stuart Moore and artist Colleen Doran tell of an anthropologist's journey into a surreal winter carnival, where he witnesses an ancient rite of human sacrifice to grotesque worm-like creatures. Ben Templesmith's art accompanies Stuart Moore's adaptation of "Dream of a Mannikin," the story of a patient and psychiatrist bound together in a horrific dream. In "Doctor Locrian's Asylum," writer Joe Harris teams with artist Ted McKeever to bring to life a small town living in the shadow of a looming asylum with a monstrous past. And in the final story, Joe Harris and artist Michael Gaydos team up to adapt a strange urban legend that robs artists of their desire to create art when they're confronted with horrible revelations. Each story is more terrifying than the next, and the talent assembled brings a new dimension to a legendary horror writer's most chilling work.

In addition to the upcoming graphic novel, THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY brand also exists as an online series of horror-themed short films produced by Fox Atomic. Each is tied into a specific contest, whereby half-completed nightmares are posted on foxatomic.com and visitors are asked to complete them. Fans then vote for the top ten stories and the studio selects one winner. Eight such films have been completed to date, with three currently in progress in support of Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming theatrical release DEATH SENTENCE. Even more NIGHTMARE FACTORY interactive activities are planned for Halloween 2007 – information is available on www.foxatomic.com!

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