Just Imagine: Aubrey Plaza as Kate Bishop on Netflix's 'Hawkeye'

What if Aubrey Plaza played Kate Bishop in a Netflix original "Marvel's Hawkeye^2" series based on the acclaimed run by David Aja and Matt Fraction?

Gotta admit -- it'd be a cool story, bro.

While it is tragically not a real Hollywood casting item, it is still a pleasurable byproduct of our creative social age. The fan-made teaser poster was created by nottonyharrison on Tumblr and has all your favorite Hawkeyes -- Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton, Pizza Dog as Pizza Dog, and in an inspired flourish of fantasy casting, delightful curmudgeon Aubrey Plaza as Kate Bishop.

[caption id="attachment_217374" align="aligncenter" width="625"]

Created by nottonyharrison[/caption]

The images was originally posted to @nottonyharrison's Tumblr, with more purple-Plaza-Hawkeye images by the artist began turning up on MediAvengers (also run by @ nottonyharrison), including one featuring America Ferrera as fellow Young Avenger Miss America Chavez.

A big part of the fantasy show's allure is how actually viable it seems. With comedic chops, a television background, and name recognition, Plaza is right in Marvel's casting wheelhouse. Between Krysten Ritter, Cobie Smulders and Kat Dennings, AKA Jessica Jones, Maria Hill and... Darcy, Plaza as the Young Avenger-turned-Barton-foil fits right in line with the studios' acting stable. And if any Avenger was primed to make the jump to TV, it might be Renner's Hawkeye, who was revealed in "Age of Ultron" to very much be the everyman Avenger he is in the books (although having a young socialite hanging around him all the time might wear on the wife and kids...).

As dream casting goes, though, it's a pretty fun one. Although it does beg the next, very important question -- who should play Plaza/Bishop's spacey ex, Noh-Varr/ Marvel Boy?

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