Just for fun

After I wrote up the last class experience at the Emerald City show and made it a point to mention how nice Mike Grell was to all my students, Carlos in particular, I got a nice letter from the gentleman who looks after Mr. Grell's own web page, Stephen Legge.

He asked me if I could send him a picture of Carlos with the sketch Mike did for him and he'd put it up and give the class a plug on Mike Grell's website.

Well, it took forever for Carlos to remember to actually bring the sketch to school, and then summer vacation intervened as well, so now it's a new school year. But we finally got it.

In Carlos' other hand is the issue of Sketch that Mr. Grell was kind enough to critique for him. (That's Carlos' own work on the cover.)

Anyway, I imagine it will be up on Mike Grell's page sooner or later, but it was too cool a shot not to share here, too. So here it is.

The class is going to be at Emerald City in full force again this year, of course, and we are also planning a little unofficial field trip to the Seattle Comic-card Show on October 26th. We should be there about one in the afternoon. Feel free to say hello if you see us there!

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