'Just Another Sheep' takes a sci-fi-fueled roadtrip through 1967

Described as a "sci-fi road trip set during the Summer of Love," Just Another Sheep follows a timid teen on a quest in the tumultuous 1960s -- or, rather, an alternate version of the decade -- to discover the origin of his ability to make others experience anything his body has felt before, from pleasure to pain to intoxication.

Writer Mat Heagerty funded production of the first three issues largely by himself, but with money getting a little tight, he has turned to Kickstarter for help with the final two. He's seeking $5,000, which seems like a pretty reasonable goal.

In case you're unfamiliar with Just Another Sheep, which features art by JD Faith, colors by Jon Cairns and Renee Keyes, and lettering by Ed Brisson, Heagerty offers the first two issues -- for free -- on his blog. As you can see, even with just a glance, it's a pretty sharp-looking book.

With 20 days to go, the Kickstarter campaign is already more that halfway to its goal. To help move it across the finish line, Heagerty & Co. are offering pledging rewards that range from PDFs and print copies of the first issues and posters to original art and a cameo in the comic. The campaign ends May 9.

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