Just a Reminder - The Sons of the Serpent Are Really Old Characters and Very Bad Guys

This is the first in a new feature that will likely be very infrequent. It's just designed as a sort of reminder about the past when certain comic book plots of the present get reactions that seem to suggest that people aren't up on their history of the character(s) in question.

Today we look at the fuss over Captain America fighting against the Sons of the Serpent.

Clayton Morris, co-host of Fox and Friends, had this to say about Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna's Sam Wilson: Captain America #1, specifically this scene...

He’s got a new, odd enemy. Instead of going against Hydra and the typical Captain America villains, he’s going up against conservatives.That’s his new enemy.

However, the Sons of the Serpent are not new enemies at all. In fact, they were created by Stan freakin' Lee and Don Heck in 1966, nearly FIFTY years ago! And they have been around ever since, and they are pretty clearly a very bad group of people...

Yes, oddly enough, in their very first appearance in Avengers #32 they're beating up a Hispanic immigrant.

Later in the issue, they accost Hank Pym's colleague, Bill Foster...

So it seems pretty weird for anyone to be defending the Sons of the freakin' Serpent. A writer choosing a group that is specifically anti-immigrant to be against illegal immigration is just plain logical.

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